Known for its beautiful view and cold water. Aside from a heaven like a vista of the 2-km long lake which winds around the valley, sightseers can devour their eyes on many of all shapes and sizes waterfalls, rich landscapes, knolls, clusters of pine and cedar trees, and snow-topped tops in the distance. Here we will tell you all about Mahodand Lake.

The magnificence of the lavish greenery around the lake is additionally decorated by pink and yellow blooms. There is no inn or appropriate working close to the lakeside, however, neighbourhood occupants of the valley have installed tents to serve voyagers. Guests can likewise appreciate vessel and stallion rides at the lake.

All about Mahodand Lake

A real estate parcel which is known as Swat– and ordinarily alluded to as the ‘Switzerland of the East’ – is well known for its wealth of incomprehensible normal magnificence. Wherever your stride is, that minute and that Vista will end up important.  It is a well-known Resort for occasion creators and voyagers from all finished the World

You need to put in a great deal of push to achieve this delightful space: vacationers need to advance toward the lake in a 2-hour trek in an effective 4×4 jeep. On a ten-minute stroll above Mahodand Lake, there is another lovely, yet smaller lake known as the Saifullah Lake.

Magnificence is a quality which portrays itself by influencing the envious. Immense mountains, thundering streams, and interesting waterfalls welcome you to come and lose all sense of direction in unending greatness. That is just when and how one can resolve the puzzle inside.

Amid the Winter Season, the Mahodand Lake gets solidified and secured by substantial snow. In the Summer Season, the bowl of the lake is encompassed by a sheet of blooms like Geum, Blue Poppy, Potentilla and Gentian. The lake is liberally encompassed by various kinds of Pinus trees, which give asylum to wild fowls. The lake contains a lot of trout angle, a perfect open door for calculating, yet angle chasing is allowed just to the authorized fishermen.

Countless go to the Lake, for outdoors, angling and trekking to the close-by mountains. The water of Mahodand Lake is partitioned into numerous small and substantial streams, which once contained a mass of dark coloured and rainbow trout angle, presented by the previous leader of Swat State. In any case, because of overfishing by local people for day by day wage and the illicit utilization of angling strategies like the electric shock, dynamiting and utilization of expansive nets have diminished their number to the disturbing level.

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