Neelum valley is simply segregated by snow-secured peaks, some more than 4000m above sea level.

Extraordinary beautiful greatness, sweeping viewpoints, rising above slants on the two sides of the noisy Neelum conduit, rich green forests, dazzling streams and engaging condition make the valley a gift from paradise.


A height of 1371m, it is the sub-divisional base camp of the district. It is a charming spot known for its collection of natural item. Each crucial office by methods for bazaars, post working environments, banks, specialist’s offices, and telephone exchanges are accessible.

Keran and Upper Neelum

At a partition of around 91 Km (3 Hours Drive) from Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir and 7 Hours Drive from Islamabad, Keran and Upper Neelum are orchestrated on the right bank of the stream Neelum at 1524m above sea level with the interesting perspective. The sweeping rich green valley is noteworthy in nourishments developed from the beginning. There is exquisite and pleasant unrestrained motels called Keran Resort. Visit Neelum Valley for Keran Resort/Neelum Valley Hotels.


Sharda a stunning green spot at a height of 1981m. Shardi and Nardi are two peaks neglecting the valley, as far as anyone knows named after inconceivable princess Sharda. It has a beguiling scene with different springs and inclines sides secured with trees. On the right bank, converse Sharda, the Neelum is joined by the Surgan Nallah along which a track prompts Nurinar Pass and through it to the Kaghan Valley. Stays of an old Buddhist University can in like manner be found in Sharda. Sharda is to a great degree unquestionable place to visit. Visit Neelum Valley for Kashmir Tours and Travels.


A little valley organized at a stature of 2097m. This is another lovely place in the Neelum Valley. The Shounter Nallah joins conduit Neelum at this place and prompts Gilgit Agency (Northern Areas) over the Shandur at 4420m.

Arang Kel

Is located inclined top close Kel and it is also a town overflowing with fantastic perspectives. Past this mountain, the accompanying mountain is a bit of Indian had Kashmir. It is a touch of most extraordinary grandness, one can find in Kashmir.

Chita Khata Lake

Chitta Katha Lake (3,800 meters above the sea level) is simply open in the long extends of July and August. The typical course took after by the explorers is through kel. There is a road from Kel to Shounter Valley. It is more intelligent to accomplish the town UTLI DOMEL around night time and stay there. You should proceed forward at a youthful hour at a young hour in the day. There is moving of 5 to 6 hours to accomplish the lake.

Shounter Valley

Lies in Upper Neelum valley. It can be gotten through a jeep track from Kel which just gets opened for a few long extension of the year. From Shounter valley, one can cross the Shounter Pass to go into Astore valley at Rattoo. Shounter lake is a little however to a great degree delightful lake in the Shounter Valley. Beginning here, one can go to Sarveli peak base camp, chitta katta lake or cross the Shounter go into Astore. Shounter is incredibly delightful and worth seeing place.

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