Swaik Lake or (Khandowa Lake) Kallar Kahar Chakwal is another normal flawless lake come waterfall, arranged in Kallar Kahar, Tehsil District Chakwal, Pakistan. It is 10km far from Kallar Kahar, Chakwal. Pakistan is a trademark voyager’s objective and the greatness isn’t simply bound to the regions in the northern areas of the country. However, it is in like manner home to some unexplored pearls like the beautiful, mystic ‘Swaik lake’ basically holding up to be found.

Swaik Lake is arranged close to Khandoyah in the Punjab region which can be gotten to through the M2 motorway associating Lahore and Islamabad.

All About Swaik Lake Kalar Kahar

As people say that, Khandowa Lake (Swaik Lake), is moderately similar to Neela Wahn’s greatness features, and that lake is additionally in the hit summary of vacationer’s objective. Likewise, various families, visitors, start from different urban territories, countries to examine the radiance of Kallar Kahar, by then they absolutely, experience their get-away with friends and family at Swaik Lake and had the most gallant activities like swimming in lake, feign bouncing, outside and value trekking all long in an exceptionally secure way.

The move to the Swaik Lake is exceptionally similar to the move to Neela Wahan disregarding the way that the level of inconvenience is to some degree higher. The trail is wide for about 10 to 15 minutes after which it limits and steeply diminishes towards the gorge that embodies the lake. A further 30 minutes on this trail and we were down to the base and the lake was right in front. The lake has pushed toward turning into a noteworthy surely understood place of late and there were about 100 odd people valuing the cool waters of this lake.

In spite of the way that, Kallar Kahar is the superb voyager spot among development sweethearts, and this amazing cloudy city is moreover addressing around heaps of peacocks, secured mountain with greenery, long straight road, and as a rule sprinkling came gradually, which makes Kallar Kahar Chakwal more great for the visitors, so do visit and discover more features around Kallar Kahar, which isn’t yet research.

Swaik Lake is one of the various covered consistent precious stones of Pakistan. The people who are excited about trekking should visit. Guarantee that you pass on your own specific drinking water supplies for the excursion.

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