Today we have one more latest news from Pakistan Media Industry and i.e Ali Hamza To Single-handedly produce ‘Coke Studio 11’. Earlier a year back, there were bits of chatter that acclaimed Pakistani melodic group Noori would produce the accompanying time of Coke Studio. Unfortunately, regardless, these were quickly shut down and theory in the matter of who will direct after current producers – Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood of Strings – say farewell to the show wound up flooding in the media.

Ali Hamza to single-handedly produce 'Coke Studio 11'

In any case, now out of the sufficiently blue, it has been insisted that Ali Hamza – one segment of Noori – will go up against the gigantic endeavour. Close by Hamza, veteran entertainer Zohaib Kazi will produce the music for Coke Studio Season 11, asserted Coke Studio in a Facebook post. A source revealed to The Express Tribune, “Hamza will produce the Coke Studio now. Ali Noor is involved in some of his own endeavours and won’t have the ability to offer time to Coke Studio yet Hamza will complete it.”

Along these lines, clearly, that the gossipy goodies were basically bits of babble everything considered. A year prior, lovers of the melodic stage took to Twitter, asking for that Noori accept control after Strings asserted their exit from the show. There was inexhaustible vitality in the probability and word spread quickly. In 2016, a source close Coke Studio even recommended that it will be Noori that accept control from Strings.

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