Rawalpindi also known as Pindi is near the capital of Islamabad, and the two are jointly known as the “twin cities” on account of strong social and money related links between the cities.

All About Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is the fourth-largest city in Pakistan by masses. The City-District of Rawalpindi involves seven self-ruling tehsils. Rawalpindi is the military headquarters of the Pakistan Armed forces.


People in Rawalpindii speak different languages. Disregarding the way that Urdu is in like manner the primary dialect of a couple of individuals Urdu being a national vernacular is talked and grasped by sizeable masses. English is in like manner known and talked by various individuals of Rawalpindi. Pashto is in like manner discussed drifters.


To the degree the history of Rawalpindi is the stress, Rawalpindi has been for thousands of years, it is assumed that a distinct culture thrived on this level as far as 1000BC. The neighbouring town of Taxila has Guinness Book of World Record for its existence most prepared human advance and university.

In late 50’s the city transformed into the interim capital of the country after the making of another masterminded capital of Islamabad in the vicinity of Rawalpindi which comes to fruition due to most genuine central government offices and institutions relocate to the near to a region and its masses increases in light of vagrants from the various bit of the country.

History in terms of Assassinations

Rawalpindi has a noteworthy history in terms of assassinations. The first assassination was witnessed in 1951 of the present time Prime Minister.  in late 70’s Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged in Rawalpindi to detain. In 2007, Liaquat Bagh Park’s door in Rawalpindi was moreover the site of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.


The main roads of the city are Grand trunk Road and the Murree Road.

Liaquat Hall

Liaquat Memorial Hall was worked in recognition for the most part Mr Liaquat Ali Khan. It includes a titanic get-together room and library. Workmanship shows up, open shows and stage Dramas are performed perfect here sometimes.

Forces Headquarters

Rawalpindi has its centrality in terms of its forces headquarters. It has headquarters of the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Airforce and in like manner has a dynamic airbase in Chakala Cantt of Rawalpindi. Garden Rawalpindi well-laid garden with sports offices and children’s park has been delivered near the gathering hall in Rawalpindi.


The bazaars of the old city offer exciting bargains. Sarafa bazaar is praised for beaten gold and silver pearls, metal and copper-item. Different shopping bazaars, parks and a cosmopolitan masses attract clients from all finished Pakistan and abroad.


Rawalpindi has various old and new hospitals, colleges and parks which made the city more basic in terms of wellbeing from various cities. Individuals came here from different cities for better offices of their medicines. It has disconnect hospitals of heart and lungs which make the city more common.


Rawalpindi has the most astounding proficiency rate in Pakistan which exhibits that the city has ideal education condition over various cities. Rawalpindi has both open and private educational institutions. Most educational institutions are sex-based, from fundamental to university level.

Parks and Resturants

Rawalpindi has various awesome inns, restaurants, clubs, show halls and parks. It has various basic spots for sustenances which show the genuine inheritance of Punjab which is acclaimed for its dishes. Nearby the support street,s there are various parks here in Rawalpindi which enhances the brilliance of city.

Famous Players

Rawalpindi has borne various famous international players in different recreations which include the world speediest bowler in the history of cricket Shoaib Akhter, a standout among other hockey forward Shakeel Abbasi and other players which addressed the national gatherings on the international circuit.


Rawalpindi is sloppy however tolerably clean free. The weather is uncommonly factor as a result of its territory. Rawalpindi faces incredibly coordinate kind of climate having long and sweltering summers, short and wet winters. In Monsoons and spring season individuals of Rawalpindi value the weather of this city. Scarcely any earlier years individuals of Rawalpindi faces a predominant weather yet now on account of the cutting of trees and establishment of industries and new housing society the amounts of trees and greenery about vanish from a tremendous zone.

Other Features

Rawalpindi Population is a combination of individuals having the assorted establishment. The swarmed byways of the old city are home to various attractions, including Hindu, Sikh asylums and Mosques. Craftsmanship Council of is also arranged close Rawalpindi cricket stadium. Individuals of Pakistan came here from all finished Pakistan and settled here for a drawn-out stretch of time. Adjacent individuals of Rawalpindi known as Pothwari individuals.

The city is home to a couple of industries and processing plants. Rawalpindi city has its own particular manner of life especially in the wake of developing into a considerable city, Rawalpindi has International Airport, and Railway station International recreations ground, extraordinary lodgings, restaurants, clubs, chronicled focuses and parks. Rawalpindi outlines the base camp for the tourists visiting the event resorts and incline station of each and every northern place of Pakistan

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