No, Sanam Baloch and Mahnoor Baloch are not sisters. Because of the same last name of both these celebrities people confuse both of them to be sisters which in reality is not true. Both of these ladies are very good friends.

About Sanam Baloch

Sanam Baloch is a Pakistani on-screen character and TV moderator. She has facilitated different TV shows, for example, Sanam Small Room and Diyoo on KTN, and is at present facilitating morning show on ARY News channel. She is married to a very handsome guy Abdullah Farhatullah.

Are Sanam Baloch and Mahnoor Baloch Sisters?

About Sanam Baloch Sisters

Sanam Baloch has two sisters both young name Ghanwa Baloch and Sabreen Baloch. Below we have pictures of all these three sisters together.

About Mahnoor Baloch

Mahnoor Baloch is the a standout amongst the most excellent Pakistani actress and she is known for her excellence and beauty. The person who get more youthful ordinary and more ravishing step by step is the unparalleled Mahnoor Baloch. Mahnoor Baloch is super best on-screen character and model of Pakistan. Mahnoor has a place with Sindhi family.

About Mahnoor Baloch Sister

Mahnoor Baloch has no sister in real life.

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