Mehndi isn’t a true Bengali tradition yet I’ve seen Bengali women with red-hued designs on hands. Mehndi has turned out to be mainstream among Bengali young ladies. Indeed, even my Bengali companion wore mehndi on her wedding. I’ve endeavoured to pick designs precisely yet kindly do tell me whether these fit in Bengali convention or not. Here are ten stunning and basic henna designs. Here we have a collection of best bengali mehndi designs.

Mehandi or henna is an indication of the wonderful event or any celebration. The mehndi design has turned into a transitory tattoo and that makes wonderful looking hands and legs. They can be made with claim innovativeness and ability. There are numerous astounding mehndi craftsmen on the planet. Bengal is popular for its way of life, aesthetics, innovativeness and writing. Craftsmen from Bengal are famous for their inventive work in workmanship and painting everywhere throughout the globe.

Bengali ladies have enhanced their hands and feet with ‘Alta,’ the conventional red colour (for Bengali mehndi designs) that is viewed as extremely promising in Bengal. We have recorded fabulous bengali mehndi designs with Alta for every one of the ladies out there. Investigate!

Rangoli Design

Here you can see a botanical design that little flower is taken after by full hand blossom design. At that, point took after a few bends that show precious stone and semi-circles. It is to some degree like the arm ornament design too. At that point, the squares are drawn and loaded with little blooms.

Astounding Creative Mehandi design

It is an astounding Mehandi design with peacock design. Two peacocks looking in inverse ways are attracted two arms and took after the figure with half circles, dabs, and bends. The peacocks are trailed by mango formed design and reached out with circles. On the other hand mango moulded bends confronting each other is drawn on two hands. At that point semi-circle shapes and loaded with little squares. And after that end with the specks.

Peacock and Floral Mehandi Design

The design looks lovely featuring the peacocks and blossoms. Two inverse confronted peacocks are decorated with half circle bends and circles. At that point, V-molded bends on the two hands look together and half leaf formed design loaded with a Small square. Cross-formed bends and circles that look delightful. The base of the design is a major bloom with takes off. Figures are decorated with semi-circles and top.

Customary Mehandi Design

The customary Mehandi design is Followed by some semi-circles and little circles up to the top of the fingers. A peacock is drawn on top of it and some mango formed design took after with semi-circle and a little peacock.

Wonderful Bridal Mehandi Design

A wonderful bridal Mehandi design with expound flower themes. It’s a perfect bridal Mehandi design motivated by sanctuary carvings and figures. On the two hands, you can see enormous blooms at the focal point of arm rear and bends with little lines. At that point one hand, if loaded with little blooms streaming the leaves with the adjustment in blossom measure. On alternate hands, a few bends with dabs and took after by blossoms and clears out.

Basic and Easy Mehandi Design

The design is basic and simple to draw. It can be shifted for two hands. One hand is loaded with all bends, dabs, botanical, half circles. On the arm, there is a major leave formed design and to some degree peacock, moulded design can be seen. On alternate hands, the arm is loaded with a half hover with spots and lines. It is trailed by mango formed lines and filled squares. Fingers are additionally loaded with little squares and half bends with the botanical kind design.

Botanical Bengali Mehandi Design

Bengali young ladies love to apply mehndi designs on the back of the hands. There are botanical designs made in an inclining style in favour of the hand. The design moves in an inborn pattern from the wrist to the fingers. The back of the fingers is additionally decorated with a straightforward crisscross pattern.

Full Hand Bengali Mehandi design

Another wonderful design the full hand of the lady of the hour is a pattern that embellishes the hand from the elbow to the fingers. The design is in conventional Arabic style peacock, circles and crisscross lines. The two hands are decorated with various patterns giving a comparative completely decorated look of the back of the hand. The fingers and thumb are completely canvassed with mehndi in the conventional Rajasthani style.

Circle Pattern Bengali Mehandi design

The ladies likewise jump at the chance to enrich their hands with conventional Gujarati style mehndi design. It incorporates a hover on the centre of the palm with fine inherent patterns on the two sides covering the upper piece of the arm and the fingers. The thumb and fingers are deliberately embellished with almost negligible differences in the flower pattern.

Non-Traditional Bengali Mehandi design

Bengali ladies now and again settle on non-customary designs which give an interesting look to their hand. A portion of these designs begin from the wrist and move in progression in a streaming way straight up to the tips of the fingers. For the most part, the design involves circles, paisley and leaves in a level way. The intense parts are loaded with fine inborn lines and specks.

Completely Decorated

On the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to fill your hands with henna then this design is ideal for you. It is basic and made of delightful blossoms. The look has been upgraded with stones.

Paint Job

I called it that as it is so natural to make. Draw a couple of patterns and fill them with henna. Extremely straightforward yet at the same time, your hands will look all brilliant.

Flower Design

This design utilizes some straightforward flower patterns embellished with rings. You can recreate it staring you in the face effortlessly. Do some shading and its prepared.


Paisley is likely the most generally utilized pattern for mehndi designs. It is utilized as a part of different structures and can be designed in various ways.

Straightforward Design

This one is super straightforward. Patterns are creative and extraordinary. Anybody can make it get beautiful hands.

Fine Design

This design likewise utilizes a paisley as the focal pattern. The palm has been completely secured with straightforward yet dazzling designs. Attempt it for a wedding.

Decent Simple Mehandi Design

I cherish it for its effortlessness. It has a minor paisley, blooms and heart-formed patterns. Attempt it in the event that you are new to mehndi or have less time.

Customary Design

This mehndi design looks really conventional. I like the way it looks. To me, it seems like some pooja enrichment.

Round Design

Round mehndi designs are top picks with numerous individuals. Utilize around protest draw the circle and fill it with any pattern of your decision.

Various Branches- Top Bengali Mehndi Designs

It would seem that numerous branches of a tree or just vines. It is simple and extraordinary to get completely secured hands rapidly.

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