Pakistan is home to places that power you to wonder in the radiance of fascinating common magnificence. One such place is Azad Kashmir, swamping of mesmeric regions that its reality makes one difficult to accept. No big surprise, regardless we are quarrelling with our uproarious neighbours over hold of this Paradise. Azad Kashmir is a comprehensively perceived paradise. It is all because of the energetic green valleys that constrain you to never flutter your eyelashes once you notice it. It is a position of conduits, bounteous lakes and an untamed life enterprise to involvement. Here we have best places to visit in Azad Kashmir. This bit of the country is imminent all around the world as high as mountains can be; sumptuous green valleys, ground-breaking conduits, superb lakes, and astonishing untamed life. Thinking of where to design your next excursion? Europe can pause; you rather need to rely on the top attractions in Pakistan.

Pakistan is among the provinces with the most alluring common magnificence. This land is honoured with incalculable captivating and breathtaking destinations and locates and is without a doubt a paradise for tourists. From radiant shorelines to brilliant tops, to streams, cascades and lakes, this land has pretty much everything. In opposition to a few nonnatives’ convictions, Pakistan is a concealed jewel for tourists. Is this nation consummately protected, as well as inhabited by to a great degree neighbourly and welcoming local people.

While the tourist destinations in Pakistani are incalculable, the ones in Azad Kashmir are unquestionably among the most lovely of them. Azad Kashmir offers all-encompassing and pleasant sights that’ll blow your mind. The majority of the zone wears a snow cover in winters, notwithstanding, thick pine timberlands and rich green knolls uncover themselves when the snow softens. Azad Kashmir highlights beautiful freshwater chilly lakes, streams and snow-topped pinnacles. In case you’re seeking asylum from the rushed city life, Azad Kashmir is definitely the approach. Here are the top tourist attractions in Azad Kashmir that you essentially can’t avoid visiting.

Azad Jammu & Kashmir is exceptionally wealthy in characteristic excellence. Its snow-secured tops, thick backwoods, winding waterways, turbulent foaming streams, Wheat-scented valleys, velvet green levels and atmosphere varying from cold to tropical, all join together to make it a great tourist fascination. Valleys like Neelum, Jhelum, Leepa, Rawalakot, Banjosa, Samahni Baghser unfurl delightfull grand magnificence and give a devour of joy to a discerning tourist’s eyes.

Azad Kashmir is additionally honoured with a fluctuated mountainous scene ranging from low slopes to high mountains most reasonable for delicate to medium enterprise tourism. The zone gives magnificent chances to shake climbing, trekking, mountaineering, summer camping and climbs. In addition, favoured with countless & streams, Azad Kashmir offers the awesome potential for whitewater sports, particularly rafting, canoeing and kayaking.

1. Neelum Valley

Tourist attractions are required to dazzle. This one is without a doubt. This is God’s grand blessing to mankind, fortunately, situated in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Anybody suggesting you top attractions in Pakistan would not overlook Neelum Valley. It has numerous rural areas and residential community towns, lakes, trekking drags, mountain passes and different sorts of great features which find it among exceptional tourist attractions. The famous Neelum valley is the most prevalent tourist destination in the entire province because of its simple availability. This valley is based close by the waterway Neelum with thickly forested locales covering the most piece of the valley.

Neelum valley is fundamentally marketed, making it less demanding to look for living arrangement, nourishment and entertainment here. The grand valley offers a great degree wonderful and beautiful perspectives of the waterway paving its way through the valley. Neelum valley can be drawn closer by means of Muzaffarabad and the street leading to this valley is splendidly appropriate for any kind of transport. Neelum valley additionally has some to a great degree delightful towns and towns in its vicinity, some of which are the bases for different prestigious treks.

2. Rawalakot

A popular town in Azad Kashmir which is additionally known to be an area headquarter of Poonch. An alluring valley in the midst of high slopes, situated around 80 kilometres from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Since it is just 80 km, it definitely implies you can without much of a stretch achieve the zone and take advantage of it in the event that you are the national capital or Rawalpindi. Being a northern zone, it will undoubtedly be a savage in winter, so it is constantly exhorted that you visit in summer. Summer season favours unfolding the ravishing excellence of Rawalakot. Getting around here, you should visit the popular tourist attractions of Tatta Pani, Sudhngalli and Toli Pir situated here.

Rawalkot is a zone arranged in the Pir Panjal Range, Azad Kashmir. Otherwise called the pearl valley, this is most likely a place that ought to be on your rundown. Rawalkot is the perfect excursion spot for families, no doubt. Not exclusively is it effectively open by means of any methods of transport, the perspectives and offices it offers are certainly outstanding. While some piece of this region is intensely popularized and comfortable settlement, markets and restaurants are anything but difficult to find, it offers a considerable measure of a zone with protected common magnificence.

3. Banjosa Lake

You will definitely find your way here in the event that you get around Rawalkot. This is in a perfect world the territory boasting a lot of greenery. Green is the shading you will find here, for the most part, trailed by a touch of contouring by red. Over an unmistakable lake are tall trees covering an expansive region past. You, as a rule, require heading out there in summer because of a neighbourly climate since temperature scarcely surpasses 25°C. As warm as summer gets, winter is forbiddingly cooler, while snowfall sheaths everything around. Imagine having those photos in your camera – stunning!

At the point when the harvest time season is on the brink, Banjosa is immersed in shades of gold and ruddy darker. Yet, what great is the lake? You can simply push a pontoon with skulls. Youngsters and women are constantly empowered sculling during summer under the shade of those great pine trees.

4. Jhelum Valley

This specific valley of Azad Kashmir is a large group of household and international tourists, crowding all around in summer. A characteristic ponders that individuals appear to find is the curling stream passing from East to West in the midst of the huge mountains. A district called, “Leepa Valley” in Jhelum is one of the mainstream tourist attractions individuals long to visit. In summer, aged rice fields develop going all out and contemporary wooden places of inhabitants grandstand a beautiful view. Fruits like you have never tasted, the span of individuals you have never observed and Walnut, gracious that cracking walnut is a treat you can just get, no place other than Jhelum Valley in Azad Kashmir.

5. Ramkot Fort

This astonishing area goes ahead an ascending, circumscribed by River Jehlum, this tourist fascination in Azad Kashmir is asking for your cameras. Not so much a fortification any longer, Ramkot Fort bespeaks of a contemporary Muslim military plan of buildings. The foundation of this fort has a place with fifth and ninth hundreds of years which abandoned its relics found and evacuated by Muslim pioneers during the seventeenth century. This zone establishes the framework of energy for individuals hit with a craving for new experiences.

6. Toli Pir

Simply take a gander at it! Simply take a gander at how far it goes. It appears to have everything as far as greenery you could request in an area. A well-known pinnacle that you will find your way about on the off chance that you go to Rawalkot, or on the off chance that you don’t know about it, you will find out about it while your stay in Rawalkot. Found 8800′ above ocean level, this pinnacle influences you to feel like you are on top of everything. Go to Toli Pir in the final long periods of Spring; the atmosphere is ideal. Whatever is left of the months it is simply chilling because of its high height. Additionally, with a specific end goal to investigate the zone to its most extreme potential, it is constantly fitting to visit from April to early October.

7. Pir Chinasi

Arranged in the capital of Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad, this region is one of the top tourist attractions in Pakistan. Pir Chinsai is an astounding spot to investigate. You are on the kept running for your understanding and in addition your wellbeing. In spite of its alluring area, you generally require being extremely mindful of moving around. A best in class nature of perfection oozed in each edge of this territory. The lavishing greenery is the thing that draws in tourists from the whole way across Pakistan. Pir Chinasi is a slope station situated in Muzaffarabad District. Because of its rich green plains, radiant climate and charming scenes tourists from all finished Pakistan love to visit this place.

Lovers of Shah Hussain take a journey to invigorate their tidied hearts. The sight and surrounding territories hung in the backwoods of pine, and oak trees exhibit wonderful summers and chilly, frigid winters to its visitors. There are just two or three rest houses that are for the most part discovered full or close. On the off chance that you are fortunate to find a room, rest sprinters charge too much for it. Along these lines, it will be more sparing and more pleasant for tourists to take their own camping gear.

8. Leepa Valley

Would you be able to trust this is Pakistan? Certainly, this the kind of area that would constrain you to rub your eyes twice to recognize reality. Opened in May to November for voyagers in a most welcoming atmosphere you can find in Azad Kashmir. Approaching in the zone are high mountains and tall pine trees, this zone is effectively available from Muzaffarabad. There are additionally numerous offices for commuting in nearby jeeps that work from after you cross Reshian. Leepa Valley is a beautiful valley, found 45 Km far from the capital of Azad Kashmir.

This valley is known for the amazing advance farming that is honed here. This valley is amazingly quiet and formed. The intensely forested slopes dominating the whole valley offer to a great degree delightful perspectives with some beautiful pinnacles complimenting the wonderful sights. The lovely climate and stunning views make it simply the ideal place to unwind for some time.

9. Red Fort

It is known to be one of the forts in Pakistan you should visit. This fort is a top zone for archaeologists and travel devotees who jump at the chance to witness in the history of this district. You may think of it as a ruin now, yet it has withstood numerous catastrophes and need change. However, this zone is a brilliant shot-stopper. It is otherwise called Muzaffarabad Fort, so don’t be befuddled. This area is a famous legacy site of Azad Kashmir which has seen numerous remote tourists showing up also.

10. Shounter Lake

Essentially offering everything that discusses superb the compelling force of nature. Appear around there from May to August; the atmosphere is your companion and the offices gave to reach here are top-score. You can without much of a stretch board a Jeep from Kel, Neelum Valley. In the event that you are partial to camping, don’t delay in light of the fact that numerous tourists additionally appear to find it as a flawless camping spot. Because it is ideal for camping more than hoteling, you find other settlement offices here.

The Shounter lake might be little yet it is doubtlessly justified regardless of a sight should you board a Jeep from Kel. With everything taken into account, the glorious geology of this region short records it in one of the top tourist attractions in Azad Kashmir.

11.Chitta Khatta Lake

The great Chitta Khatta lake is the definition of flawlessness. The beautiful magnificence of this lake is unmatchable in my opinion. It is a bowl-moulded lake with breathtaking snow-topped pinnacles guarding the completely clear blue water inside. Its vicinity is just as delightful. The lake is encompassed by lavish green glades, ice sheets, streams and cascades. There is positively no commercialization close to the lake, be that as it may, sighting wild-goats and goat herders would be normal. You can plant your camps anyplace close to the lake and spend a night. On a crisp morning, you can encounter the magnificent impression of the lake unto the water, which I wager, will leave your eyes completely open.

The trek to this lake begins from Kel and is about Jeep track and hiking track. Despite the fact that the hiking is tough for beginners, seeing the lake is without a doubt worth the whole battle. In case you’re an experience seeking fan and have what it takes to climb up till the Chitta Khatta lake, you should visit it at any rate once. This lake doubtlessly is a craftsman’s perfect work of art.

12. Ratti Gali lake

Ratti Gali is another ravishing lake, resting in the detached valleys of Azad Kashmir. This lake has fascinated explorers as though offers great perspectives, second to none. Indeed, even the trek that prompts this lake is essentially lonely. The track keeps running close by wonderful streams, chasms and ravines. Aside from that, rich greenery and ice sheets are all that’ll see on your way to this lake. Because of a rough scene, you’ll need to trek to approach the lake. The trek is kind of tiring yet the sight up there will blow your mind.

This lake is certainly one of its kind. It is encompassed by rich icy pinnacles that feed this lake. The lake likewise has sublime verdure on its bank, and that is the thing that makes this lake so one of a kind. The excellent surroundings of the lake gleam onto the perfectly clear water, offering a mesmerizing sight. This vicinity of this lake likewise has the extraordinary natural life including birds of prey and otters.

13. Kel Valley

It is a little valley at a tallness above ocean level. It is a standout amongst the most charming and pleasant places of Neelum. Kel is a base camp of mountaineering exercises which are said to be the most elevated pinnacle and longest ice sheets of Azad Kashmir. Transports utilize day by day on this course. It is prudent to procure a jeep from Authmuqam for a stumble into the valley. Steeds and horses can be hired locally for movement to the interior of the valley. Banks, school, bazar, PCO, and tourist motels are likewise accessible here.

The outskirt town around 38 kilometres in front of Kel, is a fascination yet unexplored. Halmat, Tao Butt, Jamwari, and Zardari are popular for their superb magnificence. From Kel, a long track goes towards Nanga Parbat over the Shounter Gali. The excellent level of Arang Kel can become to following 2 long periods of a climb from Kel, around 460 meters (1500 feet) decline from River Neelam, is a value of visiting a place.

14. Khari Sharif

Khari Sharif is an agribusiness territory. It is found eight kilometres from Mirpur in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. This region is acclaimed for the housing of Sufi saints Mian Muhammad Bakhsh and Peer-e-Shah Ghazi.  Fundamentally, Alaqa-e-Khari points to the lavish levels of Khari between uplands of Mirpur and River Jehlum. The place, go about as a monstrous seat of shrewdness for the understudies of Islam. Dervish (supporters) of the Saint can be found in all finished Pakistan particularly in Azad Kashmir.

Khari comprises of nearly eighty little and vast towns and one those towns is known as Khari Sharif. Essentially, Khari Sharif alludes to the shrine of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, a celebrated Sufi Saint. He is outstanding for writing the well-known story of Saiful Malook. The tail is about a prince “Shehzada Saiful Malook”. The prince became hopelessly enamoured with a pixie he found in a fantasy. She was called “Badi-U-Jamal”. The story of Saiful Malook annals spiritual exercises learned by prince during his voyage to find Badi-U-Jamal.

15. Sharda Fort

Sharda Fort is a noteworthy point of interest of Mangla city. The fort, situated on the top of a slope and encompassed by River Jehlum from three sides, shows a pleasant scene. The fort is available from Mangla Lake. A large portion of the fort was wrecked during the production of Mangla Dam; a section remains and serving as open delight put. Muslim leaders of Kashmir assembled various forts in sixteenth-seventeenth century AD with a specific end goal to secure their limits.

The fort was worked over the site of an old Hindu sanctuary, and during unearthings remains of one of the sanctuaries found here. Relics of the fifth – ninth century AD likewise have been close to the sanctuary. In 1992, the administration has fabricated a little gallery here, which contains a few sorts of bits of rocks, paintings and model of Mangla Power House. Sharda Fort gives a perspective of slopes encompassed by water from its top. It took more than twenty minutes on a speedboat to achieve the precipice on which the fort is found. Pontoons are accessible by Army Water Sports Club at the lake.

16. Mangla Dam Lake

Mangla Dam was built crosswise over Jehlum River in 1967. It is a sixteenth biggest dam on the planet. Mangla Power Station facilitated at Mangla Dam is second greatest in Pakistan and twelfth greatest hydropower station on the planet. The main structure of the dam comprises two spillways, four dyke dams, five power-water system passages and power stations. The dam’s two spillways are on its correct side. Ordinary administration limit of the main spillway. The plan of this crisis spillway bolsters for an extension of 48 feet in tallness in future.

The Mangla Dam is one of the biggest earth-fill dams on the planet. Mangla Dam was the primary advancement venture in Pakistan attempted to reduce shortcoming of water and fortify water system framework. It was built after Indus Basin arrangement. The Mangla Dam control age and water storage program initiated the development of uber extends in Pakistan.

Mangla Dam, Mangla Lake and surrounding zones introduce an excellent scene to visitors. Boating office is accessible at the lake. There is a recreation centre adjacent called Bhutto Park you can visit the recreation centre and make the most of your excursion there. In the event that you have time and are interested in seeing historical places then you should visit Ramkot Fort in Mangla. Visit this wonderful historical fort will be important. Stay nearby, take photos and appreciate the wonderful scenery.

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