No matter how playful, courteous and lively you are in life all around, there would be times when you’d feel hopeless. There come times in life when the most trusted people surrender you when you require them the most. There come times when you feel that nobody understands you and you are in isolation in this inconsistent world. In those brutal conditions, it is, in reality, easy to go into hopelessness and feel shocking about presence. These conditions give you agony, and one lucky thing about torment is that it makes you more grounded, and it expands your standard scopes of recognition, and once that horrendous time is gone, you come back to present with more quality and another adjustment of yourself. Here we have a gathering of Best Quotes in Urdu.

Meaning of achievement may move individual to individual, yet really, we all in all should be powerful in our life, and we in general experience certain fights for the duration of our life remembering the true objective to achieve the life goals that give us perpetual satisfaction and happiness. Never let little personalities persuade you that your dreams are excessively huge, making it impossible to achieve. You will definitely achieve what you fight with if you keep buckling down for your dreams. There are some brilliant Urdu cites for you that will give you motivation for the duration of regular daily existence.

Following are some inspirational Urdu quotes explain life. They will reveal to you the extreme side of life, and they will give your strength in those conditions. These Urdu quotes about proceeding onward in life hopefully will help you.

Quote About the Patient Person

Best Quotes in Urdu

This quote tells us that one who has patience never gets disappointed, no matter if he has to wait for decades too. It is a very beautiful quote which tells us the importance of patience.

Quote about Wise People

A very inspirational quote by Khalil Jibran which tells us that small minds always think about desires while big minds think about purpose.

Quote about Successful People

This is a very beautiful quote which tells that behind every successful person there is a very painful story and the result of every painful story is a success. Therefore one should learn how to bear the pain and get ready for the success.

Quote about Hardworking Person

This is a very beautiful quote which tells that a hardworking person sees a mountain as stone whereas a dull and lazy person sees stone as a mountain.

Quote About the Greatness of God

A very beautiful quote. It tells that good gives food to every bird but not in his nest. To get food he has to try himself.

Quote About Feelings of a Person

This beautiful quote tells us that a person can forget everything except those moments where he needed his own people and they were not there.

Quote about Cheaters

A very eye-opening quote which tells that a person who got cheated gets relief after some time but a cheater person never gets relief.

Quote about Behaviour of others

Another very beautiful quote which tells that we do not feel the ugliness of morals and manners of others unless they get worse for ourself.

Quote About Life Lessons

A very beautiful quote which tells us that never complain very much to your loved ones or it is possible that while trying to gets complaints fixed the person get away from your life.

Quote About True Friend

This quote tells us that what it is to have a true friend in our life. It tells that a true friend is one who fills the presence of his friend in his absence and always backs him off whenever he is not present.

Quote About Wise and Fool Person

This quote is a very amazing quote by Sheikh Sadi in which he tells that there are always flaws in both a wise and fool person. But the difference is that a wise person sees his flaws himself whereas the flaws of a fool are seen by everyone.

Quote About Reality Of Life

A very inspirational and an eye-opening quote which tells that if you will promote negativity in life then your own people will be affected by it.

Quote About Telling Truth

This quote tells us the significance of telling the truth that by speaking truth one stays away from troubles and discomforts and his heart gets reliefs.

Quote About Patience

This quote tells us the importance of patience. As we know that Haste makes waste. So if you will try to do your work fast it will take very long but if you do your work with patience it will be done beautifully.

Quote About Humans

This is also a very inspiring eye-opening quote which tells that humans plan everthing in life but they never plan their death.

Quote About Rightness

A very beautiful and deep quote which tells that if you are unable to recognise rightness then look at the bows of the evil. Rightness is on the other side of bows.

Quote About Development of Nation

This quote tells that the nations are build by hard work and dedications not by men wearing suits and women wearing makeup.

Quote About Hope

This beautiful quote tells that hope is half life and Sadness is half dead. It is a very deep quote and one who understands it gets to live life at its peak.

Quote About Kind People

This quote tells that how beautiful it is to be a kind-hearted person as you always get kindness from their company because whenever the wind passes through flowers, the flowers make wind smell beautiful too.

Quote About Bitter Truth of Life

This quote tells that it’s not always the poison that kills you sometimes the behaviour of your loved ones are enough for that and this death is the worst one.

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