Friendship is a kind of association between two individuals who think about each other. In any case, such a dry definition doesn’t do the possibility of friendship value. Think about these cases: A buddy is the main individual you have to call when you hear the uplifting news. A buddy reviews that you couldn’t care less for pickles on your sandwich. We have a collection of friendship Quotes in urdu here.  A friend will run with you on the most boring of errands and influence them to have all the earmarks of being entertaining.

Accordingly, friendship is magnificent, and much ink has been spilt in citing the standards of having associates. Saying this doesn’t suggest that friendship is straightforward, in any case. It asks for time and effort, and it requires that individuals put some person other than themselves first every so often. However, as a byproduct of that work, a partner can give an immense measure of assistance and comfort in incredible conditions and in dreadful.

A friendship should make the two individuals in the relationship happy; the two individuals should have a huge amount of fun when they become more acquainted with each other. To come to the heart of the matter, that is a troublesome demand. Individuals can struggle successfully, which is the reason it’s troublesome for a couple of individuals to maintain various friendships. It’s possible that friendship can exist between two individuals at one period of life, however, life changes and mindfulness may make friendship unimaginable at another stage. It can be hard to meet the all-inclusive community who may make the perfect friend. Here we have a gathering of friendship Quotes in urdu. You can read more inspirational quotes here.

Hazrat Ali (R.A) Quote of Friendship

Friendship Quotes in Urdu

This is a very wonderful friendship quote as it tells us the importance of having true friends in life that a true friend will always be by your side no matter what.

Quote About Setting Friend Free

This is also a very amazing quote which tells us the significance of having a good friend that true friend will always return back to you if you set him free.

Quote About Not Judging Friend

This is another great quote which tells never to judge a friend under any circumstances. It tells that it is possible that your friend may be in any difficulty at the moment.

Quote About True Friend

A friend is one who always thinks for your good. This quote tells us that a true friend will always tell bitter things on your face .

Quote About An Ideal Friend

This is a very beautiful saying of Hazrat Ali (R.A) which tells us that the person who bears your anger and stays calm at that moment is your true friend.

Quote About Beauty of Friendship

This is another very beautiful saying which describes that how beautiful the relationship is. A person who has true friends in his life is amongst the rich people in the world.

Quote About Friendship As Gift From God

This quote tells are that love and friendship are two very precious gifts given to us by God. Never waste them on unworthy people.

Quote About Fake Friend

This quote tells us about the reality of this world. It tells us that it is better to wash your hands than to have a friend who feels comfortable sitting with your enemies.

Quote About Bitter Truth of People

This quote is a very deep saying by Wasif Ali Wasif. It tells us that people leave friends instead of arguments as arguments always lead to disappointments.

Quote About An Ideal Friend

This quote describes how beautiful it is to have a true friend. It tells us that instead of a good time , give importance to good friends as good friends can make bad time good too.

Quote About Love and Friendship

This quote tells us that love and friendship are two very powerful things in this world which can face anything but there is one such thing which can defeat these two things and that is a the misunderstanding.

Quote About Poor Friends

This quote tells us that never see your friend from the perspective of richness as poor friends are proved to be more loyal than the rich ones.

Quote About Loyal Friend

This quote tells us that only two kinds of people in this world are lucky. One those who have a loyal friend and second those who have prayers for the mother.

Quote About Making Friends

This quote tells that don’t make your friends  from appearance. Make friends by judging their personalities. This is a very deep quote and very less people understand it.

Quote About Bad Friend

This quote tells about the bad friends that a bad friend is like a charcoal. When hot, it burns your hand and when cold it makes your hand black.

Quote About Trusting a Friend

This is a very famous saying of Hazrat Ali (R.A). This quote says that always trust your that friend who was there in your difficult times no matter what.

Sheikh Sadi Quote on Friendship

This quote gives us a very beautiful message, It tells us that always be aware of your enemies but at the same time be aware of the friend who starts appreciating you.

Quote About A Powerful Person

This is a very beautiful quote and a very famus saying of Hazrat Ali (R.A). It tells us that if you find friendship to be your weakness then you’re amongst the most richest people in the world.

Quote About Reality Of Life

This quote is another amazing quote which tells us about the reality of how difficult it is to carry on friendship because making friend is not a difficult thing but to continue that relation is a very difficult task.

Quote About Advantage of Friends

This quote tells that the never break friendship with any of your friend no matter what because you never know that friend can prove to be very significant in some part of your life.

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