Pathan jokes are renowned from most recent years are as yet trending. The explanation for these jokes is the straightforwardness of this clan. Everybody adores telling the one funny joke that gets the entire room laughing, however, it’s a hard errand.

How would you know which zingers are going to influence individuals to laugh, and which are destined to sink like a grapple? So you don’t need to hazard looking like a blockhead by telling another awful joke. A portion of the jokes are long, some are short, and two element bears for reasons unknown, yet would they say they are extremely the most amusing jokes about the Pathans? You choose. We make them flabbergast gathering of best funny pathan jokes in urdu.

We do not have any intentions to hurt a specific community or tribe. These jokes are just for fun and not to be taken seriously. Just sit, relax and enjoy these amazing jokes. You can also send this collection of 20 jokes to your friends and family.

Pathan Teacher Joke

20 Best Pathan Jokes in Urdu

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Joke About Glass

Pathan Joke About Weapon

About Pathans Stupidity

About Pathans Wife

Pathan Joke About Mobile Company

About Pathans Pent

Joke About Wedding

Pathan Joke About Message

Funny Pathan Khan Joke

Joke About Swimming

About Pathan Wedding

Funny Pathan Question

Teacher and Pathan

Pathan Funny Joke

Pathan and Sardar

Pathan and Indian


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