For some parents, remote school is all they know because of the pandemic. Instead of attending regular classes, children need to stay at home and use Zoom or other software to attend classes.

Nevertheless, the time for regular school will come eventually, and you will need to be prepared for it.

Getting School Supplies

There is no need to purchase school supplies when you have most of the stuff at home. However, once the inevitable happens and your child needs to leave the house, they cannot leave it empty-handed.

School shopping is also a good opportunity to spend more time with a child. You can look for custom backpacks for school and pick the one your kid likes the most. Notebooks, pens, and other supplies are also something you will need to purchase.

If you are uncertain about all the supplies that a school needs, get in touch with them and ask directly. Or, as an alternative, talk to another parent and seek their advice.

In case the brick-and-mortar stores are still closed where you live, you should be able to find the necessary school supplies online. In fact, you can do most of your shopping on your smartphone. 
In 2018, mobile ecommerce revenue accounted for 50% of total U.S. ecommerce revenue. The number indicates how common it is to shop on your smartphone or tablet.

Visit School in Advance

If the school ground is open, you should take some time and visit it together with your child. Let them become familiar with the environment and know what they can expect. Some teachers get in touch with parents to let them know visiting hours in advance.

The first day is pretty scary, but if a child sees the school before they actually attend it, the experience should be better.

Encourage Your Child

If you notice that the child is anxious, talk to them and give some encouragement. Tell them that school is fun and they will meet new people and make more friends. Even if it is just a few words of encouragement, they can still make a difference.

Have a Proper Sleep Schedule

It will be difficult to get into the rhythm of getting up early if your child tends to stay up all night. Of course, you, as a parent, should take responsibility if there is a messy sleeping schedule in the first place.

Unless you are right next to the school, it will take some time to commute, and preparing in the mornings is a bit tricky, particularly if a child is sleepy and needs help dressing up. Besides, parents also have stuff they need to take care of in the mornings, and they might not always find time to help children prepare for school.

On the other hand, if a child wakes up early, they will have more time to get ready for school instead of dealing with frantic mornings.

Talk to Them About Potential Dangers

You will not have the option to supervise a child anymore once they go to school. Besides, relying on teachers to ensure the safety of every child in school is also a far-fetched idea.

The least you can do is talk to your kid about potential troubles. For example, they should avoid troublemakers at school and report in case something terrible like bullying happens to them or another student.

While going to and back from school, a child should also pay attention to traffic. Most people behind the wheel drive safely, but there were multiple instances when an accident happened because a driver was not paying attention. 

Reward Your Child

If you notice that your child is anxious despite preparations and your best efforts to make things easier for them, you have one extra trick up your sleep – a reward.

Promising them a reward after the first day of school would incentivize them to look forward to the occasion rather than feel anxious about what is to happen on that day. 

The reward can be a simple treat, like preparing them their favorite meal. If your child likes to read, you could also promise a new book. Or, if they love to play video games, you can buy them the latest installment of their favorite series or even a new gaming console.

Besides making them happier, a gift on this special day will be a good reminder as a significant milestone in your child’s life.


To sum it all up, the information in this article ought to be a good reference for both parents and children who are dreading the first day of school. Knowing how to prepare in advance will give you an advantage. Also, keep in mind that the sooner you do these preparations, the better.

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