Ali Askari is associated with the entertainment industry. He is ex-husband of famous Pakistani TV and film actress Mahira Khan. He met Mahira Khan at Indus Studio in the midst of the year 2007. Soon, both started to look all starry peered toward at. Ali proposed Mahira and they got hitched on July 13, 2007.  Their wedding capacity was gone to by the relatives and family friends.

Ali Askari

After the marriage, the show business employment of Mahira Khan progressed rapidly. It is represented that Ali Askari carried her into the glamorous industry of excitement. Both Mahira Khan and Ali Askari, who is an innovative boss, tackled several projects. Allah blessed them with a child named as Azlan.

At first, the couple was going ahead with a sprightly married life and each something was going on smoothly. Mahira Khan was getting a charge out of a not too bad profession in which she showed up in several performance serial and commercials. Notwithstanding that, Mahira Khan worked in movies like ‘Bol’ that gave her predominance at the universal level.

Mahira Khan’s personal life has been in highlights more than once, especially after the controversy that she is getting divorced from her husband.

Mahira Khan is Pakistan’s highest-paid actress who is extremely selective about signing movies. She got her recognition after her famous TV serial ‘Humsafar’ which crossed the borders and was even had telecast in India.

She met her ex-husband Ali Askari in 2006 after which their relationship started and they got hitched in the next year in a private family work. They continued with their marriage for quite a while and even had a son ‘Azlaan’ yet in 2012 controversies started in regards to their married life.

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