A mosque is a place of adoration and supplication. Mosques began on the Arabian landmass, yet today can be found on each altogether populated mainland. Pakistan is a Muslim Country and is rich with Islamic culture and mosques. In Pakistan, they are a noteworthy bit of standard general everyday presence. A lot of mosques are to a great degree understood for their structure, plan, and history. Furthermore, paying little heed to whether one isn’t Muslim, one needs to surrender that countless Mosques are genuinely delightful structures. We have a collection of most beautiful mosques in Pakistan.

Pakistan being an Islamic country is home to a large number of mosques. These mosques are extremely notable because of their size, brilliance, building or history.  Pakistan is a champion among the most conspicuous and hitting Islamic countries with rich Islamic culture. Mughal heads have left their legacy of craftsmanship, designing and elegant sense in milestones, posts, structures and mosques. By and by, Pakistan has a couple of mosques that were worked by Mughals, and furthermore various standard mosques, are worked after the freedom of Pakistan.

Here is a list of mosques in Pakistan. I’ve included pictures. Mosques are the focal points of adoration for Muslims, the disciples of Islam. Mosques began on the Arabian landmass, however, today can be found on each essentially populated mainland. While mosques may be a point of convergence of talk today in a couple of areas of the world, in Pakistan they are a noteworthy bit of customary normal everyday presence. Check out our collection of best Mosques in Pakistan here.

Faisal Masjid, Islamabad

Most beautiful Mosques in Pakistan

Sketched out by a Turkish originator, Faisal Masjid is shaped like a leave Bedouin’s tent. Located in the national capital city of Islamabad. The Faisal Mosque is the greatest in South Asia and fourth greatest on the planet. The most prestigious mosques in Pakistan was arranged by Turkish artist

Badshahi Masjid, Lahore

Badshahi Masjid is Lahore’s most acclaimed noteworthy point and is the second greatest mosque in Pakistan. It was worked by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. With its mind-boggling yard and red square structure, the mosque is in like manner an outstanding excursion spot.

Shah Jahan Mosque, Thatta

Worked amid the govern of Mughal King Shah Jahan, the mosque was gifted to the all-inclusive community of Sindh for their accommodation. It was developed remembering acoustics. A man talking toward one side of the curve can be gotten a notice from the contrary end when the talk outperforms 100 decibels.

Wazir Khan Masjid, Lahore

Another famous mosque in Lahore, the Wazir Khan Mosque is known for its expansive tile work. Worked through the traverse of seven years, the mosque is a champion among different instances of Mughal architecture. The mosque is inside the Inner City and is most direct gotten to from Delhi Gate. The mosque contains a bit of the finest instances of Qashani tile work from the Mughal period.

Moti Masjid, Lahore

Arranged inside the Lahore fortification, Moti Masjid is a white marble structure worked by Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan. The five-calculated outside of this mosque recognizes it from others. It is a little, white marble structure worked by Mughal head Shah Jahan, and is among his noticeable extensions to the Lahore Fort Complex.

Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town, Lahore

Fantastic Jamia Mosque is arranged in Bahria Town, Lahore. Its advancement was done in 2014. It was arranged by Nayyar Ali, a Pakistani modeller. It can oblige a total of 70,000 admirers in its primary zones including inside and yard.

Bhong Masjid, Rahim Yar Khan

Arranged in Rahim Yar Khan’s town of Bhong, the mosque was created over a period of 50 years. The mosque is faultless in its designing and upgrading calligraphy. The mosque is remarkable for its amazing arrangement and building brilliance with gold leaves cut for the multifaceted breathing life into illustrations and the shrewd calligraphic work.

Mahabat Khan Masjid, Peshawar

A seventeenth-century mosque in Peshawar, the mosque is known for its geometric frameworks. The inside of the mosque is stacked down with lavish tiles and many-sided paintwork. The inside of the supplication campaign is protected underneath three low fluted vaults and is extremely and strikingly painted with bloom and geometric plans.

Masjid-e-Tooba, Karachi

Generally called the Gol Masjid, Masjid-e-Tooba is a solitary vault mosque in Karachi’s Korangi zone. The mosque is the eighteenth greatest on the planet with the central supplication hallway having a cutoff of 5,000 people. It was illustrated by Pakistani planner Dr Babar Hamid Chauhan and the designer was Zaheer Haider Naqvi.

Sunehri Masjid, Lahore

Suneri Masjid is another amazing representation Mughal Empire’s delightful outline structures in the sub-mainland area. This delightful chronicled Masjid was made with splendid tomb and minaret best by Nawab Syed Bhikari Khan.

Eid Gah Mosque, Multan

This great mosque of Multan is arranged on the fundamental Multan-Lahore turnpike in the Northeast of the city. Its outside was looked with covered blue tiles and the inside was ornamented with brilliant mosaics.

Jhelum Cantonment Mosque

This excellent mosque is arranged in Jhelum cant.  14 Punjab Regiment was accountable for its improvement. The mosque has two huge minarets and couple of little minarets on the housetop. The whole mosque is painted white and there is a lot of house around the mosque giving it a lovely view.

Masjid e Safina

Arranged in the Dhobi Ghat zone close Lyari Nadi of Karachi, Masjid e Safina takes after a barge. The working of the mosque resembles a tremendous watercraft. This lovely mosque was worked for seven years. This whole entirety was given by the general populace and nearby individuals of the zone.

Dai Anga Masjid

This chronicled mosque is arranged in the Naulakha near the Lahore railroad station. It was worked in 1635 by a lady named Dai Anga who was a specialist of Shah Jahan. The mosque is for the closest to nothing yet is known for the refined improving work.

Shahi Masjid, Chitral

This excellent mosque was worked by Shuja ul-Mulk in the nineteenth century. The mosque has pink dividers, white vault and excellent minarets. There is an open yard from where one can see Tirich Mir, the most raised heap of the Hindu Kush run. The region, see and the lovely working of this mosque is unparalleled and makes it an obvious necessity visit.

Ilyasi Masjid

Ilyasi masjid (Ilyasi Mosque) has transformed into an outstanding excursion goal in Abbottabad. It is worked over a surge of water which streams from the mountain. The improvement included cutting off the mountain for around three years. The improvement and upgrade of the mosque proceeded after the generation of Pakistan.

Shahi Eid Gah Mosque

Shahi Eid Gah mosque is a gigantic Mughal period mosque in Multan. It was worked by the then Mughal administrative pioneer of Multan Nawab Abdul Samad Khan. The mosque has seven vaults and gigantic porches. The inside of the mosque had excellent blue tiles and standard Islamic Calligraphy. It is an outright need visit put for any person who needs to examine Multan.

Abbasi Masjid, Derawar Fort, Cholistan

Abbasi Mosque is a mosque located in the Derawar Fort, in the Cholistan region of Pakistan’s Punjab region. Abbasi Mosque was created with vaults and curves of perfect marble by Nawab Bahawal Khan in 1849.

Jamia Masjid Eidgah , Gujrat

amia Masjid Eidgah Gujrat is the impersonation of Badshahi Masjid of Lahore. Notwithstanding the way that it is generally a more diminutive mosque however its arrangement is same as Badshahi Masjid Lahore and Jamia Masjid Delhi. It is arranged close GTS Chowk in the city of Gujrat.

Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Masjid, Jhelum

Consolidated Military Hospital (CMH) Masjid is a wonderful Jamia mosque in Jhelum Cantt, Pakistan.[1] This mosque is close-by to CMH Jhelum, its foundation was laid by General Muhammad Ayub Khan and opening capacity was going by Governor of Punjab Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar. It has the capacity to have more than 25,000 people at any given minute.

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