Mukshpuri is a 9400+ ft stature mountain in the Donga Gali – Nathia Gali of District Abbottabad. It is the second most astounding top in the Galiyat Region after Miranjani (9872 Ft.). The pinnacle can be implied as Mushkpuri or Mukshpuri or Mukeshpuri.

There are two tracks leading up to the summit, one from Donga Gali, which is steep and the other from Nathia Gali, which is to some degree basic and extended. You can accomplish the summit in around 3 hours from both the tracks. The pinnacle can be gone to round the year. In winter, there is ice along the tracks, so you should take no chances.

Mushkpuri Top - Attraction in Galiyat Region

You can witness Ayubia National Park along the tracks. Ayubia National Park is a secured zone of 3312 Hectares Declared in 1984 and is named after President Ayub Khan of Pakistan. A fledgling safe house is made along the Donga Gali Track. From the summit point, you can see Bagh District of AJK, Murree City and Islamabad City. I ordinarily incline toward Donga Gali Track, as the track is correspondingly overcome than the Nathia Gali Track.

Both of the tracks are okay for families and youths alike. The Mushkpuri Peak is organized within the Ayubia National Park. The Donga Gali Track is around 2.5 Km and it takes around 2 hours 30 mins to cover the track.

The Nathia Gali Track is 4 Km in length and it when in doubt takes around 3 hours 15 minutes to accomplish the summit. The tracks are secured by KPK Tourist Police for the wellbeing of the tourists. The police are genuinely valuable in providing inconspicuous components and helping the voyagers with whatever they can. They once passed on our packs over the track, while I was submitting Miranjani Peak with a friend.

This is a 3 hours safe slant trek to Mushkpuri Top and is the second most astounding incline of Galiyat at 9452 feet/3150 meters above sea level around. This trek begins from the Pines Hotel in Nathigali spiralling upwards through the delightful green pine timberland displaying typical magnificence.

Voyagers on their way to deal with the Mushkpuri top are given distinctive pixie isolated front of blossoms in the green Meadows of Mushkpuri.(especially toward the finish of the rainy season).

Another trek dives to the contrary side towards Dunga Gali giving you the 10,000-foot point of view of Ayubia National Park down underneath, this trek isn’t reasonable for individuals with a fear of stature the amusement focus begins from Dunga Gali and connect towards the stream Jehlum.

The trek up to Mushkpuri Top can moreover be started from Dunga Gali. It’s a not too bad trek for the families to go out and value the magnificent ordinary pine boondocks of incredible. There is a little water spring at the top. Moreover, you can see excellent Kashmir valley from Mushkpuri Top

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