Vegan Beauty is such a hot topic in cosmetic consumer circles right now. From vegan hair gels to skin care products that are free of animal-based collagen protein ingredients, the cosmetic industry seems to be deeply submerged into veganism and how it can contribute towards this environmental course, while still realizing financial benefits. If you’re- therefore- considering extending your vegan practices beyond your diet, there’s no better time to start, as you’ll be spoilt for product options.

Below, we explore some of the reasons why vegan beauty is quickly gaining popularity with consumers, and within the cosmetics industry.

Industry Innovation

The cosmetic industry has become increasingly aware of the fact that millennials now account for over 65% percent of the global purchasing power. As such, these brands are now considering factors that drive product decision-making among millennials- such as ethical consumerism- when developing new product ideas. With the consumer base increasingly passionate about planetary sustainability, it makes sense- then- that cosmetics brand would want to invest more in research and development of new and innovative products whose ingredients are not animal-derived.

Let’s take a look- for instance- at vegan developments in the production of beauty products that contain collagen; a structural protein helps replace dead skin cells, thus being vital for the maintenance of healthy and strong skin. Consumers can now buy vegan collagen supplements, which are quite an innovative alternative to animal-based collagen supplements; as they contain plant-based ingredients that stimulate natural collagen production in the body, rather than directly relying on animal-based collagen as the key ingredient. If you wish to know more about collagen supplements for vegans, there are numerous online resources that avail information regarding the same. This goes for other vegan beauty products as well!

Cruelty-free Approach

Most vegan products- in a bid to stay true to the vegan course of planetary sustainability- avoid product-testing on animals. This accords them even more popularity with consumers, with the modern buyer increasingly concerned about the ethical integrity of product development processes for the products they consume- from food to beauty supplements. This cruelty-free approach, coupled with the exclusion of animal byproducts, has led to consumers’ increased affinity for vegan cosmetics.

Increased Mainstream Interest

Multinational /mainstream beauty brands- as well as mainstream lifestyle media- have also joined the natural beauty fray, as well. What’s more- renowned celebrities from the sports and showbiz industry have publicly championed vegan beauty products, citing the personal benefits they’ve come to enjoy as a result of using these plant-based cosmetics. Mainstream business media outlets have also been increasingly covering the revenue potential of this niche sub-sector within the cosmetic industry; consequently piquing capital investors’ interest. With more capital resources being thrown at traditional cosmetic industries to invest more in the production of plant-derived beauty products, vegan options in health stores and general beauty product retail outlets are bound to increase. The final way in which mainstream culture has positively contributed to the rise of the vegan beauty trend is through continued focus on social trends regarding environmental sustainability, thereby enlightening more consumers on why they should make a lifestyle switch towards veganism

The vegan cosmetics niche- which focuses on the development, production, and retail of beauty products that are deficient of animal-based ingredients- is one of the fastest growing sub-sectors within the wider cosmetics industry, and for good reason too! From providing consumers with innovative and sustainable beauty alternatives to championing an anti ‘animal-cruelty’ culture through avoiding product testing on animals; there exists every reason for you to go free of animal-byproducts on your skin lotion, collagen powder, and hair growth gel!

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