Sanam Baloch is not a new name when it comes to the media industry as she has given some really incredible performances in the hit drams. Sanam Baloch has always been loved by everyone and has been away from the rumors however it is not the same anymore. People have come up with a brand new rumor about her married life.

Sanam Baloch has been hitched to Abdullah Farhatullah for a long time. The news false news broke out after she changed her username on Instagram. Sanam Baloch changed her name on Instagram from Sanam Abdullah to Sanam Baloch Hisbani which prompted the theories of separation between the two.

That is all it took for fans to conjecture that the host is experiencing a separation with spouse Abdullah Farhat. And keeping in mind that numerous fans are grief stricken, the way that they thought of this as “separate from affirmed” is disturbing in itself.

Celebrated Pakistani TV host and performing artist Sanam Baloch’s PR group turned down the bits of gossip about detachment with her significant other Abdullah Farhatullah. Sanam Baloch affirmed that there’s in no way like the news flowing via web-based networking media about Sanam Baloch’s separation.

“They are just phony gossipy tidbits and that’s it,” the group said. Fans were baffled with the grievous news and said that regardless they can’t trust it. Then again, some online networking clients condemned them, referring to showbiz as the purpose behind their separation while some proposed regarding their choice and allowing them to sit unbothered in these troublesome circumstances.

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