Fashion isn’t simply limited to a woman, it is in like manner a bit of the life of man. The frame doesn’t mean dresses or jewels. It doesn’t exist in the business at this time also in a presence of essential man. Nowadays, the time has changed and men are also a bit of shape industry. They are spellbinding people with their dashing and incredible character. Here we have top list of male and female models. First, we will start with female models and then male Models. Check this list of top models of Pakistan.

One just couldn’t agree more with what Keats once expressed, “A wondrous thing is a Joy for time everlasting”. Certainly, magnificence brings bliss, euphoria, delight and a women’s ponder no ifs ands or buts rings the toll extensively snappier. Pakistan is enhanced with brilliance, be it calm sights of the northern flank or the women that could make any man fall head over foot bottom zones. In like way, our shape industry is flooding with idealize faces whose attraction over the incline redesigns the ponder and exquisiteness of frame shows up! Pakistan’s fashion industry today is a champion among the most pined for and best-paid organizations around the world.

Be that as it may, transforming into a noticeable model isn’t about looks, it requires a perfect mix of bravery and tireless work. This is an unfathomably forceful field where simply the best models find the opportunity to remain. Consummate young women backpedal and forward, yet the supermodels on our once-over have what it takes to stay on top of the preoccupation. There are various fashion male models in our fashion industry who have updated the estimation of men clothing and embellishments by exhibiting with their great looks and immaculate body. Some of them are perfect and on top of the once-over of models.

Aisha Linnea Akhtar

Aisha Linnea Akhtar is a Pakistani actress and model who expressed off her profession with modelling. She has done such numerous supports and also strolled entrance ramp. She is among those prettiest models that look wonderful in customary to western garments. She showed up in numerous movies likewise yet her part in film Slackistan made her acclaimed. She got such a great amount of popularity in a brief timeframe period. She wedded to Shahbaz Hamid Shigri in 2012. She is celebrated for her gifted and uncommon looks.

Annie Khalid

Annie Khalid is the most well known English-Pakistani vocalist, artist and model. She is renowned as a pop artist in Pakistan. She began her profession in 2005 while she gave her first single in 2007 with Mahiya. Her popular singles are Tenu Takiya, Vari Jawan, Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai, Tu Wo To Nahi, Be My Baby and some more. She additionally discharged her two collections Princess in 2006 and Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai in 2010, which picked up so much notoriety and increment her acclaim.

Rubya Chaudhary

Rubya Chaudhry isn’t just a Fashion appear yet a craftsman and a performing actor too; she has done different T.V plays and has shown her acting capacities too. The model has a desolate appearance, thin figure, and tall stature which puts her isolated from whatever is left of the package.

Hira Tareen

Hitched to the hunk, Ali Safina, Hira Tareen was considered on 24th December 1992. Besides being a model, Hira is an acclaimed VJ, host and craftsmanship official too. Her sharp features, her attraction and perspective on the slope, potentially, set the slow burning!

Sunita Marshall

Hitched to a model-on-screen character, Hasan Ahmad, Sunita Marshal is a 32-year-old mother. She entered form industry with her first TV advancement business of Garnier Fructis. A while later, she grasped a summary of brands like Pantene, Head and Shoulders, Kuene, LUX, Revlon, Jazz, Mobilink, Sunsilk, et cetera. Sunita Marshal has worked with all the enormous names of the form business including Deepak Perwani, HSY, BuntoKazmi and Nilofer Shahid. Bunto Kazmi picked her to walk around the Milan Fashion Week; after which she got all inclusive recognition. Sunita Marshal has also opened Dior’s show in Karachi, Dubai, London, Paris, and Moscow.

Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas, a champion among the most overcome and serious models of our plan club rose to reputation with her breathtaking acting capacities in ‘Zinda Bhaag’ and Good Morning Karachi. Amna started off at a to a great degree young age and got a qualification in a concise time span. She has made her stamp because of her solid mien and, moreover in light of shadowy perfection, sharp features and a press of suggestive nature. Amna has worked with brands like HSY, Karma, Khaadi Khaas and ChenOne.

Cybil Choudhary

Mother of two beguiling young fellows, Cybil Chaudry is known for her peaceful nature, her long legs and her on-the-slant mindset. Considered sixteenth February 1984, Cybil and her mother masterminded her showing livelihood from the very start and Vaneeza Ahmad, a past top model, helped her to clear her way through the way. Cybil was at the apex of her job when she got hitched at 18 years of age. A most cherished of the business pros, Cybil is known for her optimal model looks and professionalism.

Nadia Hussain


Nadia Hussain, a 35-year-old mother who sets the slant on fire like none other is furthermore a TV on-screen character, have, exhibit businessman, from the originator and a practising dental specialist. She started off her profession as a model when she was 19 and now is the proprietor of her own grass aggregation and footwear line called Fetish.

Mehreen Syed

A champion among the most obvious appearances of our shape industry, Mehreen Syed is acclaimed for her tall edge, dazzling looks and perfect body. She is said to be a champion among the most expensive and tip top names of our form inner circle. Mehreen Syed has a frame establishment by the name International Fashion Academy of Pakistan, IFAP. She has also won the International Model of the Year give, in 2007.

Ayyan Ali

Ayyan, imagined in 1993, started her job at 16 years of age. Inferable from her Barbie doll looks Ayyan twisted into predominant and pulled in different brands and picture takers in short day and age. Ayyan is known for persistent work, humbleness, and professionalism. One of the busiest names of the business, Ayyan rules our once-over in light of her dazzling group reputation, to-kick the basis for the figure, glorify stature, and the extremely alluring oomph factor!


The greatness of a splendid heart and a friend to almost everyone in the business, Rubab’s vital looks and a confusing smile gives her an edge over her rivals. She has been in the business for a long time and continues spellbinding the social event of individuals on the incline. Her petite figure and delicate features have settled on her an unmistakable choice for TV fittings and music accounts.

Jia Ali

A widespread face, Jia Ali started off her occupation at 19 years of age. Having a place with a Christian gathering of Lahore, Jia is known for her unobtrusive nature and sensible manner. Before transforming into a diva, Jia worked at Depilex greatness salon. It was there that she was seen and was given the splendid ticket to Fashion Industry. Jia Ali achieved worldwide recognition for her ‘Wrangler’ business, in 1991. Jia has signified her substance by striking and brazen form shots.

Kashif Deewan

Kashif Deewan is the most surely understood and asking for a model of Pakistan. He is outstanding for his noteworthy looks like Hollywood on-screen character and model Hugh Laurie. His engaging looks and diva personality make him shocking model in whole Pakistani fashion industry. He worked with various understood designers like Omar Farooq. He won various choices and alluded to be as the rapidly creating fashion model of Pakistan.

Iftikhar Zafar

Iftikhar Zafar is generally called Iffy in Pakistan fashion industry. He is the unmistakable fashion show with a staggering personality. He appeared in various fashion shows up and moreover worked with high fashion brands and designers. He won LUX Style stipends for the best male model of the year 2011 and 2014. He has a fair personality with unprecedented capacity.

Waleed Khalid

Waleed Khalid is the primary Pakistani fashion exhibit who won Hello Magazine Pakistan Award for the best male model in 2013. He similarly won the Fashion Pakistan Award 2014. He worked with famous fashion brands and besides perform in the tune Kaala Dooriyan with Amna Ilyas in film Dekh Magar Pyaar Se. He is the heartthrob among Pakistani young women.

Rizwan Jaffri

Rizwan Jaffri is the Pakistani top model. He isn’t only a fashion appear yet furthermore a performing craftsman and vocalist. He started his profession as a model and grabbed so much response, while he made his presentation in the communication business with indicating Pani Jaisa Piyar. His first accumulation is Yaran Di Toli which was released in 2013 and earned LUX Style concede for Best Music Album of The Year. He worked with acclaimed fashion brands and moreover walked around the incline of common fashion shows up.

Shehzad Noor

Shehzad Noor is the high situated Pakistani fashion appear. He appeared in changed backings of prominent brands like Sapphire, Stoneage, Yellow and some more. He is the top model of Pakistan who also walked around the fashion slant for HSY and Faraz Mannan. His awesome looks and astounding personality make him conspicuous well ordered among fashion industry. He won various respects fuses Best Model of the Year in 2013.


Jahan-e-Khalid is in like manner an acclaimed and most asking for fashion model of Pakistan. He is overseeing in the fashion industry with his great eyes and drawing in personality. He is the principle Pakistani model who worked comprehensively and in addition done backings on overall commence. He is the splendid and devoted person who grabbed such an incredible measure of achievement in short day and age.

Abbas Jaffri

Abbas Jaffri is a Pakistani fashion show and furthermore alluded to be as a past cricketer. He got her first offer for showing in 2001 and starting now and into the foreseeable future he has been found in the notable fashion shows up. He has done in that capacity various exhibiting endeavours with understood brands and designers. He won two times best male model respect for LUX Style give. He moreover won the male model respect by Hum gifts. His character is to a great degree stunning that regards everyone easily.

Athar Amin

Athar Amin is a Pakistani fashion show who situated on number third among all Pakistani fashion models. He has a not too bad character with each and every dashing look. He is outstanding for his entering eyes. He is notable among Pakistani young women in perspective of his sagacious looks. He worked with a couple of fashion brands and top designers and substantiated himself a top model of Pakistan.

Hareb Farooq

Top Models of Pakistan

Hareb Farooq is one of the well known and most flabbergasting fashion models of Pakistan. He has gotten such an extraordinary measure of praise in this field in a concise time allotment period. He was a G-Man of Gul Ahmed stamp and done man bolsters with them. He is a Pakistani model who isn’t simply controlling on the centre of Pakistanis yet likewise got general affirmation since he walked around the slope of Milan, New York and Paris fashion shows up.

Abdullah Ijaz

Abdullah Ijaz is Pakistan’s top and high situated fashion show. He has a not all that awful yet guiltless look that acknowledges every young woman. He is alluded to be as the heartthrob of Pakistan. He worked with acclaimed fashion brands and designers like Gul Ahmed, HSY, Faraz Mannan and some more. He is the remarkable model who won various respects and up ’til now administering on the centre of every young woman.

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