As consummately Pakistan’s mould world has been extending and bringing such huge numbers of enhancements than in the meantime the interest for the makeup artists and makeup salons are getting high among the ladies. On the off chance that you will check out you will discover assortments of the excellence salons that is opened on each and every street. Be that as it may, the best artists and salons are just the person who has the encounters and best abilities in this hands-on workshop. The word makeup is for the most part connected with ladies. It has turned into the most vital part alongside other ladies adornments. Here we have a list of some top  Pakistani makeup artists

Presently numerous young ladies are additionally tailing it on various wedding occasions. At the point when a young lady turns into a lady of the hour then she needs to look the most delightful and gleaming on her wedding as it is her enormous day. There are some top-notch makeup artists in Pakistan and a large number of them are outstanding for their magical bridal makeup. Furthermore, they can make your exceptionally uncommon day the most significant one. The marriage makeover is as vital as the Bridal dress.

Do you realize what best makeup artists are seen in the top list in Pakistan? If not then give your mouse-click with the look down the activity and catch with the rundown of mainstream and best makeup artists in Pakistan. So here we have wound up with the rundown of best makeup artists of Pakistan! All the makeup artists are best in their administrations and working that has turned them out to be a standout amongst the most requesting artists all over Pakistan. Have a look!

Akif Ilyas

Top 10 Pakistani Makeup Artists

At the tenth spot, we have the name of capable Akif Ilyas! He is one of the blessed makeup artists who has ventured to every part of the statures of acclaim and achievement in simply the slightest day and age of the profession. Other than being the makeup craftsman he is additionally one of the celebrated picture takers as he has been associated with doing the photo shoots for the distinctive popular form mark. Akif Ilyas is the simple youthful makeup craftsman as he put his initial step into this field since the 90’s.

Tariq Amin

Tariq Amin is the following one of the acclaimed and well-known makeup artists of Pakistan. He has been connected with the makeup form world throughout the previous 25 years in the place of Islamabad. He has made his exceptional place in the form planet in light of his restless and faultless kind of makeovers. He has constantly given adaptability in his makeup looks and this has each and every time made him the most needed inside the forming universe.

Saba Ansari

Saba Ansari is at the eighth spot in our rundown! She runs a stunner salon with the name of Sabs the Salon in Karachi. She has been running with the magnificence cantina since the year 2001 with the total group of polished skill. Sabs the Salon is at present known as one of the greatest magnificence salons in Karachi. Sabs The Salon address is given beneath:


Allenora is fundamentally kept running by the supervision of the skilled Annie Mansoor! She is one of the prestigious Pakistani makeup artists. She has been working in this field for the last such a significant number of years. She is a Lahore based makeup craftsman and her salon name is Alle’ Nora Beauty Saloon. Annie Mansoor has the radiant experience of more than 22 years in this field.

Depilex Top Pakistani Makeup Artists

Going to the following we have the name of Depliex! This magnificence salon is controlled by the legitimate Mussarat Mishab! She has been related with this field work for the last such a large number of years. She has set up her own excellence salon with the name of Depilex Beauty Salon. Mussarat Misbah is the top recorded beautician in Islamabad.

Shahzad Raza

On the fifth spot, we have the name of driving Athar Shahzad Studios! This studio is controlled by the celebrated Athar Shahzad! He has done the makeovers and shoots of such huge numbers of models incorporating with the mould demonstrates as well. He has been regarded so often for his apparent work in the mould world.

Uzma Salon

Coming to the fourth spot we have the name of Uzma’s excellence salon that has made a major name in simply the little day and age of the profession. This excellence salon is controlled by the gifted Uzma that is ideal implied for giving the magnificent wedding, party, mehndi makeup and makeover looks.


Our third spot has been included with the name of Nabila! This magnificence salon is no uncertainty a standout amongst the most needed and requesting makeup artists. Much the same as Athar Shahzad Studio, Nabila is even engaged with giving without end the administrations in regards to the form shows and shoots makeup. This makeup craftsman is granted such huge numbers of honours as well.


On the second spot, we have included the name of Madeeha’s that is getting to be one of the each among the cutting edge ladies of today. Madeeha’s has been a recently set up excellence salon. They are putting forth their administrations in giving ceaselessly the wedding, party, mehndi makeup and makeover looks.

Maryam Khawaja

On the last, however, not the minimum we have the name of Maryam Khawaja! She is without a doubt extraordinary compared to other makeup artists existing in Pakistan. She is connected with the makeup throughout a previous couple of years. She is engaged with giving without end the magnificent and incredibly best administrations to the women in the marriage, party, mehndi makeup and makeover looks and substantially more different bundles.

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