For centuries the concept of having a bathroom is directly related to a utility area that is simple and minimalistic in nature. Not many house owners are fond of having a different or unique touch to their bathrooms. Because why would anyone want to spend so much money in a room that isn’t used any more than 1-2 hours a day? It is the living room, bedroom, kitchen and guest room that matters more, right? Well, times have changed! Modern day life has brought about a lot of changes in the lifestyle of individuals.

Everything is a style statement. Even when you are not impressing someone with your taste, you want to live exquisitely and feel good about yourself. This desire for the class has extended up to bathrooms also. Merely having a bath, shower, toilet, and mirror don’t seem very desirable and that is why the concept of smart bathrooms comes into play! Smart bathrooms are way more modern and transformed as compared to traditional bathrooms. They make you feel rich like you never felt before.

Let us see what makes up a smart bathroom:

Automatic Toilet

Modern toilets today have automatic features. You can easily find toilets that have an automatic system of open and close. Guess what, it even has an automatic flush feature. This serves to be a great cleansing feature and helps in saving water too. These toilets use water that is electrolyzed in nature with a fairly acidic value of pH. There is also UV light installed in the bowl so that there is no waste in the bowl. There are also toilets with built-in speaker systems that only enhance your experience.

Lighted Mirror

Gone are the days when simple mirrors were a thing. Present day smart bathrooms consist of lighted mirrors that add on to a good desirable experience in the bathroom. These lights can be hue in shade and serve with the purpose of nightlight too. Imagine having to wake up in the middle of the night and not wanting to get exposed to bright bathroom lights. In such situations bathroom lighted mirrors play a huge role to ensure your safety in the bathroom when you’re barely awake and protects your sleepy eyes from any bright exposure too. Also proves an advantage when you want to wear makeup, follow a skincare routine.

Install Shower Systems

In order to have a smart bathroom, you can install smart shower systems as well. There are shower systems that operate on a 12” rain shower system and even come along with a faucet set. Digital showers also help in maintaining the temperature. They also have handheld shower fixtures with them that also make showering more convenient at times. Some shower systems also come with LED lighting which changes color just as the temperature changes to indicate if the water is hot or cold. These showers have high pressure and add up to a worthwhile experience when it comes to bathing. Some of the most likable and best shower systems 2019 are given below:

Hot Tub Bath System

Who does not like a hot bathtub? Modern-day bathtubs have features better than a Jacuzzi. These hot bathtubs are built on to provide sheer comfort so the time you spend in your bathtub is the best time you spend at all to unwind from a tiring day at work. Hot bathtubs come with a design that is dual ended and provide a great opportunity to relax.

Body Analyzers

In order to add a smart touch to your bathroom house owners’ end up installing Wi-Fi enabled body analyzers to your bathroom. These analyzers measure or calculate the amount of fat in your body. They also help in providing data on your Body Mass Index (BMI), heartbeat rate and also the weather outside or even the quality of air. These analyzers will help you in setting goals in regard to your weigh or any other achievable targets. These analyzers help in providing a fitness experience to the owner.

Mopping Robots

People tend to get lazy after a bath. Of course, it is a little annoying when you have to clean the bathroom right after you have cleaned yourself after a long relaxing shower. Smart bathrooms have mopping robots that can clean up to 350 sq. ft. in one single go. All one has to do is change the cleaning cloth of the mopping robot and it will easily mop or sweep off the floor.

Automatic Taps

Smart bathrooms have automatic taps. This technology is considered to be very smart as here there are sensors installed that ensure the water only runs out of the tap when someone is actually washing their hand. This also proves beneficial as it can help in saving a lot of water since the tap won’t give out ay water until the tap is actually put to use.

Bluetooth Speakers

There are Bluetooth speakers built for specific purposes. Another category is the one which we can use in the bathroom and convert it into a smart bathroom. Smart bathrooms have waterproof Bluetooth systems installed with good battery life. These Bluetooth speakers have a sound system that works at 360 degrees to give a great experience of music while you are in the bathroom. The best advantage is that after a tiring day at work when you want a relaxing bath or shower with the music of your choice.

Overall, modern day bathrooms are smart in nature and have great gadgets that not only prove beneficial when it comes to the toilet but also shower system installed. Smart bathrooms also help in monitoring your fitness levels. It also keeps the provision of music to make your time enjoyable. To summarize, a smart bathroom is the one where your bathing experience is nothing less than royal. It makes sure that your bathroom does not simply appear to be classic but also is. This is the main manner in which a smart bathroom ensures that you have a worthwhile time whenever you choose to spend time in your bathroom for a day.

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