Through the practice of numerology, it’s believed that we can better understand our inner self and our place in the world. With the help of simple equations, anyone can attain a deeper comprehension of their life’s journey and purpose. In this article, you’ll learn how you can use your birth date and name to easily determine your numerology numbers and their meanings.

How Does Numerology Work?

The numerology commonly practiced today is based on the age-old teachings of the ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras who believed in a metaphysical relationship between the energetic vibrations of numbers and the physical world.

He studied the connection between letters and their numerical values and accordingly developed a system that correlates numerology meanings to birthdates and letters in names. This system can uncover several personality numbers that reveal one’s personal motivations, hopes and fears, emotional reactions to situations, and more.

To accurately calculate your numerological numbers you need to keep a few things in mind. Your date of birth is extremely important for determining who you’ll be and the path you’ll take in life. The format used in numerology is MM/DD/YYYY.

To deduce the corresponding number to your name, you need to use your full name as written on their birth certificate. Then, assign a number to each letter based on the ancient Pythagorean system. Only single digits (1–9) are used.

You can use the chart below as a quick reference for each letter of the alphabet and its correlating number. The numbers are assigned to letters as follows:

  • 1 = a, j, s,
  • 2 = b, k, t,
  • 3 = c, l, u,
  • 4 = d, m, v,
  • 5 = e, n, w,
  • 6 = f, o, x,
  • 7 = g, p, y,
  • 8 = h, q, z,
  • 9 = i, r,

Next, add all the numbers associated with each letter in your full birth name together and reduce that number until you obtain a single-digit number. There are three master numbers in the Pythagorean system which don’t get reduced to a single digit: 11, 22 and, 33. These master numbers suggest a high aptitude for learning, achievement, and success.

Now that you know the basics, here’s a walkthrough of the four major personality numbers and what they can reveal about your life’s journey.

1- Life Path Number

The life path number is the most important one. It’s the core number that reveals the outline for your life: opportunities, ambitions, greater purpose, life lessons, and challenges you may face. Your life path number also exposes the big picture behind your experiences and explains why past, present, and future events occur.

To determine your Life Number, use the formula mentioned above to break down the month, day and year of your birth, then reduce it down to its numerical value.

For example, June 5, 1988 translates into 6 (month) 5 (day) 1+9+8+8 = 26 (year) which will be reduced into 8 (2+6). Now add the three numbers together (6+5+8 = 19), reduce them to 10 (1+9) which make the life path number 1 (1+0).

2- The Destiny Number

The destiny or expression number reflects your talents, strengths, and weaknesses. It also offers insight into the kind of work that would complement your life’s purpose as defined by your life path number. To calculate your expression number add up the single-digit value of each letter in your full name based on the numerical values previously mentioned.

3- The Soul Number

The soul number is the key to your inner spirit and your heart’s true desires. It reveals what it is that you really want, shows your true motivations, and your inner cravings and urges. To figure your soul number out, add the single-digit values of each vowel in your full name. Keep adding these digits until you get a single digit or a master number.

4- The Karmic Number

The karmic number is based upon the cyclical nature of our universe. It’s an indication of the challenges you may need to overcome or lessons you need to learn in this lifetime as part of your soul’s journey towards enlightenment. Use the letter-number correlation previously referenced and add up the values for each consonant in your name. Keep adding until you get a single digit or a master number.

When you become aware of the energy your number carries, you gain a greater sense of self-awareness and begin the process of living the life you’re meant to live.

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