Lake Como is a popular Italian resort destination for its stunning natural scenery at the foot of the Alps. Visitors enjoy ferry services to the multiple villages, villas dating back to Roman times, and of course, the beauty of the third largest lake in Italy. Visitors will also find luxurious and convenient rental homes in Lake Como that amplify the enjoyment of an Italian vacation even more.

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There’s no doubt you will love everything about Lake Como, whether it’s the elegant villas, award-winning cuisine, picture-perfect landscape, or charming resort villages. The following are a few of the many features that will inspire you to plan your next vacation to Lake Como, Italy.

The Lake

The lake will be the first Lake Como feature to grab your attention. At an area of 56 square miles, its the centerpiece around which the area’s tourism is centered. This translucent marvel is surrounded by dozens of adorable towns along the pristine lake shores. Arrive on a sunny day, and you will experience the rich blue water shining against the backdrop of bright green tree-covered mountains. Even more than the natural beauty, the lake offers adventure via ferry, sailboat, yacht and speedboat, creating experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Visit on land and you will enjoy the lake from one perspective, but hop aboard a boat, and you’ll see something entirely different. It’s difficult to describe the beauty of life on, in, and around the water.

The Views

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Lake Como is known for gorgeous views. You will find many Italian Country villas overlooking the breathtaking lake and surrounding mountains. You can venture to the town of Bellagio to capture the scenery on camera, or simply take it in from the comfort of your hotel or rental home. At Bellagio, you will find a colorful alleyway and charming path leading to the port — it’s the perfect place to admire the snow-covered peaks of the nearby Alps. It’s difficult to imagine a place as naturally beautiful as Lake Como, and that’s one reason we suggest you venture to this mountainous area of Italy to see it for yourself.

The Mountain Peaks

One of the key tourist attractions in Lake Como is the surrounding mountains. If you love nature, you will certainly find it inspiring. You will love the bright blue waters, cooler temperatures, and the panoramic views of the Alps. The terrain is completely different from Southern and Central Italy, providing new views and experiences for first-timers and those who have visited the country countless times in the past. Additionally, the Alps and foothills attract hikers venturing to the peaks on gruelling treks as well as visitors enjoying them from leisurely strolls along the shore or via motor boat. When visiting Lake Como, don’t be surprised if the Alps are where you center your adventures.

The Rich History

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Lake Como has a rich history that is often overlooked. You might enjoy a comfortable morning or evening walk on the cobblestoned narrow alleyways or exploring the ancient villages with your fellow travelers. You can say that Lake Como can be ideal destination for all those who love a naturally beautiful and undeniably peaceful environment. You can simply sit on a bench and can explore the beauty that sits before your eyes. When it comes to history, Lake Como is a glacial lake dating back thousands of years. It has been a popular retreat since the Roman times and remains an iconic place for weekend getaways and summer escapes in the Lombardy area of Italy. If you want to know why it is one of the best places in the world for a retreat, you should simply pay a visit. The lake says it all for itself.

The Historic Towns

Contrary to what many believe, Lake Como is not just about the mountains and deep, blue lake. The dozens of towns surrounding the lake bring just as much beauty and character to the region. You will find that the many villages offer a great combination of Swiss and Italian culture in one. The towns can be a bit slow moving in fall and winter, which means even more relaxation for those who venture to the region during the off season. And those seeking constant activity and enjoyment will find the towns most exciting in the late spring and summer months. The locals are friendly and charming shops are abundant, making shopping for pottery, silk, and hand-carved goods an enjoyable experience during any season.

The Mouthwatering Food

Lake Como is also popular among foodies for its numerous award-winning restaurants. If you want to explore new types of foods, this region is worth visiting for its many unique restaurants, often combining the cuisines of Southern and Central Italy. Many of the fresh, local foods you’ll find include chestnuts, fish, truffles, veal, risotto, polenta, and Bolognese. And don’t forget to try an Italian hot chocolate on a cooler night or morning. There’s nothing quite like the rich flavor of a freshly-made Italian hot cocoa — it’s like drinking a warm glass of melted chocolate.

The Unbeatable Climate

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Lake Como is subtropical and humid, offering a climate that’s ideal for summer travelers hoping to hop into the cool waters of the lake. In winter, this climate helps maintain the temperature of surrounding area. The water temperature reaches up to 24-degrees Celsius in the summer months, but the beauty of the region doesn’t fade in the later months when the temperatures begin to drop.

Travelers seeking sun, warmth and swims at any time of day will prefer the summer months, but budget-minded visitors will enjoy the more affordable prices associated with the early spring, fall and winter seasons. Whenever you decide to visit Lake Como, you’re bound to be blown away by the natural beauty, charm, and hospitality of the region.

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