Air conditioning had existed since a very long time ago, but not in the way we know it today. In ancient Rome, great aqueduct systems were built and were used to allow the circulation of cool water through the ducts built into the walls to cool the Roman homes. Research and development of air conditioning were very slow afterward until the dark ages subsided.

In the late 19th century, well-funded scientists in the USA started to take the research and development of air conditioning further than simply a manual fan. It was out of bare necessity that air conditioning and refrigeration had to be improved, coupled with the need to preserve food since bacteria can’t grow or reproduce in cold environments. These industrial needs later branched out to the miraculous air conditioning that we know today. In this article, we’ll be providing you with 4 facts about air conditioning that you probably had never heard about.

Movies and the Heat of Summer

The introduction of air conditioning that’s aimed towards human was done in 1925, at the Rivoli Theatre in Times Square. People started seeing the theater not just as a place to watch movies at, but also a place where they can hide from the awful summer heat wave. No one had air conditioning at their home at that time, which made the experience all the more satisfying and gave us the overall chilled atmosphere that we know and love today! Could you possibly imagine going to the movies without having the air conditioning on? The smells and the suffocation would be unbearable, to say the least.

No Medicine Without Air Conditioning

Without Air conditioning, most medicines developed today wouldn’t have been developed. Sensitive and volatile materials used in the production of medicine, whether it’s a flu medicine or a serum for chemotherapy. Storing medicine for long durations of time has also become an option once air conditioning was introduced. Since chemistry in general works best only with accuracy, the exact temperature makes a world of difference in production, and this is why air conditioning and our ability to control the temperature has been so effective in the expansion of the world of medicine.

A Pioneer For Tourism

Believe it or not, the reason there is something called summer vacation is due to the fact that it was way too hot in the summer for children to learn. Even though air conditioning changed that fact, the idea remained adamant.

Children and adults now get to enjoy 3 months of summer vacation every year because air conditioning is just that important. Even though people love to spend all day at the beach in the hot sun, could you possibly imagine spending all your days and nights in utter humidity? The creation of the Air Conditioner has done wonders for tourism in general for countries that get insanely hot and humid. No one would bother visiting places like Dubai, for example, if it weren’t for the fact that every structure, mode of transportation and household is air-conditioned. And see how tourism flourishes there throughout the year for this very reason.

Your AC’s filter is Your Friend

You wouldn’t believe the amount of dust, oils, and heavy gases that your AC filter sucks inside when operational. The air conditioner’s filter is known to be effective in helping people with allergies and asthma due to the very fact that it keeps the air within the enclosed area clean and free of pollutants. The issue here is that the filter can’t dispose of those pollutants on its own and rather, it needs to be manually replaced. It’s highly recommended to change your AC filter once or twice every season, which also helps in lowering your overall energy consumption. With the help of ac installations in the Inland Empire, you can get your AC tuned and repaired easily in almost no time, in addition to some extra tips that can help you keep your AC in the best condition possible if you hail from Southern California or it’s surrounding areas.

A couple of centuries ago, the air conditioner as we know it would be a far-fetched idea, almost magic. But after its invention, the developments due to growing technology has just made the usefulness and effectiveness of AC’s only get better and better over time. We tend to take its value for granted because we pretty much have them everywhere, but they have more value to science, our health, and our leisure than we could ever imagine.

When it comes to having your own personal air conditioner in your household, its maintenance is something that you need to take seriously in order to keep it effective. Keeping your AC in good condition is always a good idea to make sure that you keep your cool and have clean air, free of pollutants and allergens too. Always be on the lookout for new developments in the AC market to make sure that you’re the getting the coolest AC around and do a bit of research to discover was new additions are being made because the development never stops!

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