It’s 2022. The world just took a massive hit from a life-altering pandemic, and the economy is doing its best to recover from it. While many managed to adapt to the new normal, the pandemic may have already taught you to make the most out of every dollar you’ve. With this in mind, why would you need to buy a luxury watch? As the term implies, many can argue that anything “luxurious” is a vanity that only the rich can enjoy. Besides, luxury watches are the talk of the town in timekeeping because they’re expensive. 

However, there are superior brands like Hamilton Khaki Field that offer timepieces that boast quality and reasonable pricing. It is, perhaps, a common misconception that such a wristwatch must be expensive, and Thankfully, it’s not always the case. And here are seven reasons why you should get one this year.

1. Makes Any Outfit Look Sophisticated

One of the best qualities of most luxury watches is versatility. Whether you wear formal, office, or casual attire, a luxury watch will make you look dashing and sophisticated. It may come down to preference, as some would like to wear them on special occasions like weddings, while others would use luxury watches as an everyday watch. It will be perfect if the bracelet consists of stainless steel titanium, among other durable materials. Thanks to the durability of these watches, you wouldn’t need to worry whether you use them every day or not.

Feel free to challenge yourself. Wear a simple dress or wear a plain shirt and sneakers and see if flaunting your luxury watch won’t make a simple outfit look more spectacular.

2. Gives You the Social Status Money Can’t Buy

A luxury watch may come with a price tag, but its returns will be priceless. It is usually the case when you opt for iconic brands recognizable even to non-enthusiasts. Luxury watches are attention-grabbing, and they often look sleek, stylish, and sharp that it would be difficult for anyone not to notice them. A luxury watch can help you feel more confident when attending parties, networking events, or even taking a regular day at the office–because what tells you the time is a gorgeous timepiece that would be hard not to show off.

Regardless if you’re an expert or a newbie, your luxury watch can always become a good primer for exciting conversations. You can talk to acquaintances about the brand, the model, and how you’re enjoying the watch so far. They may even share their watch-collecting experiences and pro-tips that you may find beneficial in the future.

3. Lets You Look Good in the Workplace

Speaking of social status, social events like parties and conferences aren’t the only venues you can attend to look good–you have the workplace, too! A luxury watch would help you build rapport with your superiors, teammates, and especially your clients. Some jobs that always require meeting with people make a luxury watch an essential part of your outfit.

It puts your best foot forward and sends a message to people you interact with every day that you mean business and that time is a valuable commodity for you. Some may think that what you’re wearing is just a watch, but clients and coworkers who are big watch enthusiasts will see that you are a cultured person of refined taste.

4. Perfect for Celebrating Milestones

Never forget to reward yourself after reaching a milestone in life, whether it’s a successful project, promotion at work, or reaching your 40s. You deserve it! Taking the plunge by getting your hands on a luxury watch can serve as a symbol of the success that you can achieve. It may seem easy to take any watch for granted, but a luxury watch with a sizable value can remind you that you can accomplish anything. And even if you only ever buy one luxury timepiece in your lifetime, imagine all the victories and memories you can make with it. Many ups and downs in your life may come by, yet your watch is a companion that will stand by your side.

5. Can Serve as a New Family Heirloom

Family heirlooms come in the form of jewelry, lockets, photos, and tools, among other precious items you give your children when they get older. Consider this–what could be a better heirloom than a watch that one of your kids could wear every day? 

It’s the perfect heirloom gift that they could pass down even to their children since most luxury watches last more than a lifetime. Thanks to durable materials and modern technology, you can expect to enjoy great longevity from most luxury watches. You can be extra confident in this if you also make the extra effort to send it for servicing every 5 to 7 years. It would be helpful to make the timepiece last much longer and would be ready to use by one of your children by the time you give it to them. 

Let your future kids remember you by also letting them enjoy the same bliss of timekeeping!

6. Luxury Watches Are Cheap in the Long Haul

Saying that luxury watches are cheap may not make sense at first. They seem expensive as you would need to buy them upfront. However, what you must keep in mind is the number of years that you will be using it. If you try to consider a luxury watch with more foresight, you will find it cheaper and more valuable in the long run. Say you invest in a luxury watch that may seem incredibly pricey. If you and your future kids used it in the next 50 years, you would enjoy a superior watch from a prestigious brand by paying only 30 to 70 USD per year. It would be a better deal compared to buying, for example, 200 to 300 dollar watches that are bound to break or lose efficiency faster than a luxury watch would. In that sense, it would be more reasonable to consider a luxury watch from a prestigious brand, so you can enjoy all the perks of owning a luxury watch at a better value.

Final Thoughts

More than the prestige, the price, or the status symbol, there is more worth in a luxury watch than most people realize. Hopefully, this post convinced you that treating yourself with a luxury watch has priceless returns and value that you, even your future kids, would appreciate. Thank you for sticking around, and visit for more fantastic deals and discounts on your next luxury watch!

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