Islamabad Beautiful Capital City of Pakistan

Pakistan has the most striking, must-visit social, religious and prominent goals in Pakistan, from Lahore to Karachi to Islamabad. In any case, the capital city of Pakistan to make sure takes top regards for being the most beautiful and dazzling city. Today we’ll talk about Islamabad – Beautiful Capital City of Pakistan. Regardless, before you, Karachites and Lahoris blame at me for an open thought on which city is the best, we should make them thing straight: All urban groups have their unmistakable course of action of attractions and deformities that make them comparably unique. We also mentioned about the city of lights Karachi. Today we will talk about beautiful capital Islamabad.

Regardless, what makes Islamabad so remarkable, stunning and intriguing is that the capital city is respected with astonishing consistent contemplates close by a great structure which is an extra interest for the nonnatives and tourists. This is the thing that makes an incomprehensibly charming and invigorating spot to visit.

For no good reason, a couple of individuals are clueless of the pleasant and beautiful spots masterminded in Islamabad. In reality, Islamabad was in like manner situated as the second most beautiful capital on the planet. Here are several shocking goals from Islamabad that everyone on the planet needs to go see. The accompanying are presumably the most astonishing spots that are an irrefutable necessity see.

Faisal mosque

We should start with the most famous place in Islamabad, Faisal Mosque. Masterminded at the foot of the Margalla Hills and on a raised area, this beautiful mosque is the greatest one in Pakistan.


This is one of the not a lot of rich restaurants on the planet that is arranged on such a high rise. Monal an exceptional place to keep running with family or allies and value the restoring viewpoint of Islamabad.


Islamabad - Beautiful Capital City of Pakistan

Arranged between the Margalla Hills at an ascent underneath Monal, Daman-e-Koh is notable for its rich green parks with lodgings and various resuscitating centers.

Saidpur Village

Ever consider what the lifestyle in a Pakistani town takes after? With its unprecedented feel, Saidpur Village is an extraordinary place for those that seize the opportunity to eat in a customary circumstance.

Pakistan Monument

This national point of interest represents Pakistan’s four zones and three spaces. The four essential petals of the historic point address the four regions and the three humbler petals address the spaces. The beautifully slice petals have been proposed to reflect the lifestyle and civilizations that have existed in Pakistan.

Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake is an artificial reservoir that gives the water needs for Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It’s moreover an outstanding voyager objective with works out, for instance, floating, cruising, water skating and hopping.

Lake View Park

This untamed life stop is  right close to Rawal dam. The amusement focus completes at the lake, in this way, the name “Lake View Park.”

Lok Virsa Museum

The finest social chronicled focus in Pakistan, Lok Virsa demonstrates the social heritage of Pakistanis. The living style of the different locales of Pakistan is shown here in statues, stoneware, material work et cetera. Without a doubt, even all the plan incorporating the recorded focus is illustrative of the old building styles in Pakistan.

Margala Hills

Similarly called the Margalla Mountain Range, Margalla is an incline run that’s part of the lesser Himalayas discovered north of Islamabad, Pakistan. For those that value climbing, this is an obvious necessity go spot in light of the momentous points of view of the city.


At whatever point you require some retail treatment, Centaurus is an amazing spot to go. Here, you can find all the retail shops possible.

Also Here is a part of the reasons that impacted me to love Islamabad profoundly:

Beautiful Islamabad Rain

If you think Islamabad is beautiful in the mist-filled winters, having a go at passing by it in the tempests. The pouring precipitation over the stupendous slants makes the city stunningly beautiful.

Very Clean City

While whatever is left of Pakistan is discovered up with fussing of sullying in all its heinous structures, Islamabad acknowledges an immaculate and excellent, classy condition which is in actuality a treat for eyes.

It’s a small city so everyone is socially related

The quantity of tenants in Islamabad is 2 million, while Karachi alone has upwards of 10 million people (according to the last identification). Islamabad is subsequently not pressed but instead all around related. One is always guaranteed to risk upon to some person they know at whatever bring up wander out of the house; be it an instructor, a relative, a buddy, or a buddy of relative – Everybody knows everyone by one means or another!

You can visit the amazing Margalla Hills each opposite end of the week

Others may need to go miles to be among the eminent mountains. In any case, the all-inclusive community of Islamabad has an unparalleled great position of exploring surprising trademark greatness right in their backyard. How would anybody have the capacity to get depleted of such a dazzling point of view?

Every Friday Prayer feels like Eid in Faisal Mosque

The wonderfulness and heavenliness of the Faisal Mosque are sure to spellbind you. The novel diagram of the Mosque, the wide open spaces, symmetry and white sections against the foundation of Margalla is an unparallel sight. Also, every Friday request of at the Faisal Mosque feels like Eid.

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