Past entertainer Aisha Khan, who, few days ago revealed her departure from the Pakistani media industry, has influenced another revelation, however, this current time’s will to without a doubt make fans bright. The Mann Mayal star on Wednesday announced Tuesday night that she would get hitched soon. Aisha Khan to tie knot with Pak Army officer.

Aisha Khan to tie knot with Pak Army officer

Aisha took to Instagram and posted a photo with her live band together with the engraving, “My life accomplice and I are overwhelmed with all the love and petitions that have poured in as yet.”

“I had affected my assertion to leave my media to calling as I now jump at the chance to keep away from the spotlight. We got attracted a year back and have known each other for a long time beforehand.

Major Uqbah Hadeed Malik proceeded onward from the British Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2007 and experienced getting ready when Prince William of Wales was his related cadet.

He joined the elevated staff of crème de la crème platoon commandants of Sandhurst when Pakistan and British governments agreed to update normal coordinated effort in protection getting ready and capabilities.

Major Uqbah stood out as genuinely newsworthy in the English press when his British cadets rendered a tribute in his regard by singing Pakistan’s national melody of commitment as an astonishment for him.

The actor had in like manner apologized to her accomplices for not having the ability to take new pursuits since 2016.

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