Facebook on Thursday introduced new gadgets in Pakistan allowing customers to shield their profile pictures from being downloaded and shared, a move that may help diminish manhandle of pictures on the notable social networking site.

Facebook launches safety feature for profile pictures in Pakistan

“A year prior we guided new mechanical assemblies that gave individuals in India more control over who can download and share their profile pictures. We are as of now expanding these devices to Pakistan,” Facebook said.

Nashwa Aly, Head of Policy, Middle East and Africa, Facebook expressed: “Profile pictures are a basic bit of building bunch on Facebook on the grounds that they empower individuals to find companions and make meaningful connections. For any situation, not everyone feels safe adding a profile picture.”

“In Pakistan, we’ve heard that individuals require more control over their profile pictures, and we’ve been working over the earlier year to perceive how we can help. This dispatch is a bit of our ongoing responsibility regarding keeping individuals safe online.”

A year back, the social networking site had moved the feature in India.

Upon turning on the feature, Facebook’s download and offer features will be incapacitated for your profile picture. Further, individuals you’re not companions with on Facebook won’t have the ability to name anyone, including themselves, in your profile picture.

The social networking site will in like manner shield Android contraptions from taking a screen catch of your profile picture on Facebook

Further, If you turn the option on, a picture of a shield is added to your present profile picture. The shield empowers show to individuals that your profile picture should be respected, according to Facebook.

To turn on profile picture guard for your present profile picture:

  • From your profile, click your profile picture.
  • Click Options.
  • Click Turn On Profile Picture Guard.
  • Click Save.

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