Today, we will talk about one of the principal makers of Pakistani world. He is known for his work in the forming universe of Pakistan and additionally worldwide.  Fashion designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) is one of the best names in Pakistan Fashion industry. He was considered in Lahore Pakistan. The lead articles of the clothing diagrams studio of this frame maker are at this moment in the social capital of Pakistan, Lahore. He is eminent for his formals more than he is for is causal. Previously we mentioned about Atif Aslam biography and today we will discuss HSY Biography.

Early Life

In 1994 he started his calling as a plan choreographer, in the midst of the 14 years that took after. He finished a lot of neighbourhood shows up.He went to an impressive measure of worldwide shows. In the midst of that time, he picked not to dispose of my employment and push toward getting to be some person standard. Exactly when he was 5 years old he developed a want to diagram his own particular material. In 1996, he joined the Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PSFD) and graduated in 2000, I learnt how pieces of clothing are collected, the rationale behind them that incited the opening of my shape house HSY in.


A salutatorian graduate of the Pakistan School of Fashion Design (in 2000), HSY is auxiliary with the La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne in France.

Professional Life

In a gathering, he told about his master life. He said, in the strategy, the colossal ones will end up being better for they will comprehend that there is competition in the market and contention will motivate them to end up more inventive. I esteem work, I value it… I don’t view it as working. I have to see every city on the planet, from crazy spots like some little city in China to Kenya and Nairobi, which I haven’t been to, yet I’m kicking the pail too. I couldn’t mindless, I have to see everything.

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Achievement in Profession

The year 2000 meant the introduction of Yasin’s own shape stamp articles of clothing, HSY. Starting as a wedding social affair and formal wear couture house, it has since ended up being a champion among the most saw South Asian shape names on the planet and at display uses in excess of 350 people and six stores all around, with the lead studio housed in Lahore. Among not a lot of Pakistani shape planners, Fashion fashioner HSY has won worldwide endorsement and considered among the best Pakistani Fashion originators.

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Awards Owner

HSY is the champ of the Lux Style Fashion Designer respect of the Year (2005). Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is one of the best originators to happen in frame dress designs in the latest decade in Pakistan. The go for HSY has been to show a various dresses gathering remembering the ultimate objective to address the rich social inheritance of the East. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin starting late moved his new Jewelry line, in Lahore. This event had 300 guests fly in from India. It was the Talk of The Town, A to a great degree Exclusive Event.

Personal Details

  • Unique Name: Hassan Sheheryar Yasin
  • Designation: HSY
  • Height: 5′ 10″
  • Eye Color: Black Brown
  • Starting point: Lahore Pakistan
  • Guideline: Graduate
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Tongues: Urdu, English
  • Interests: Fashion fashioner

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Interviews

HSY said in a gathering that he treasures to move and he worships to eat Sushi. Talking about the perfection, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin incorporated that he is propelled by the heavenliness of Reema Khan and the class of Tahira Syed. He said that they expected to put a lot of fight to make a couple of minutes on the grade, charming and noteworthy.

Executive Director

The governing body of Pakistan has as of late named him in the Board of Directors of the school as well and in the Executive Committee.

HSY Wedding

HSY Biography

Since the hot and enchanting HSY ventured into the field of charm, individuals began to serenade about the conceivable marriage of the form designer. In actuality, his name was related to a few supermodels through the time, however, no romantic tale of Hassan Sheheryar Yasin could keep going long.

Being a piece of the entertainment biz industry, you are dependable at the edge of getting engaged with a few issues. It is a typical thing for a man like Hassan Sheheryar Yasin in light of the fact that he is no 1 dress designer of Pakistan. Indeed, the uplifting news for the female aficionados of HSY is that he is as yet single, not by any means locked in. He is as yet searching for a lady of the hour he had always wanted.

HSY No1 Pakistani Dress Designer

Designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) is one of the greatest names in Pakistan Fashion industry. He was conceived in Lahore Pakistan. This trendy designer has likewise propelled his new studio in the exceedingly in vogue region of Zamzama in Karachi. The lead studio of this mould designer is right now in the social capital of Pakistan, Lahore.

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